it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


8. With Niall all the time at home!! pt 2

I am going home with Niall today . I couldn't wait I went into the hospital shower , and had a quick shower and dried myself off and I put this on > 

I waited for Niall to come and get me with the boy's , I really like Niall so I hope I become someday his wife in the future. They finally came an hour later and Niall gave me a bone  crushing  hug so did the rest of the boy's , I love them so much. I wonder when my best friend Alexa I she will introduce herself to you in the next chapter, I am right now in the car and the music is BLASTING and we got the roof down it is a cool car and I am not sitting in my seat only standing up and Harry is on the phone to his cousin I think I will ask him now " Harry who you talking too?". " I am talking to my sister and your best friend to be". he said to me smiling and went back talking to his sister. 




Name : Alexa Styles <Sister of Harry


Age : 18


Personality :Loveable , Caring , Out-going , Party animal and Kind, 


Hobbies : Skateboarding , Swimming , running , BMX


Eye Colour : Blue 


Hair Colour : Dark Brown


Favourite singer/Boy-band: One Direction , Union J , The Vamps,Avril Lavinge ,Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.


Favourite Colour's: Black, white, red , blue and Dark Purple


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