it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


4. the best sleepover ever!!!!!!

all the girls were in the front room in Abbys house and they were not tried at all . they were wide awake. now it was 3:30 in the morning they were still not in bed, so Becky came downstairs and said to the girls " why are you girls not in bed?. " well we are not tried mum," Abby replied. " just please get to bed?" Becky said. " Yes mum will but just remember i am not 10 years old," Abby said. so her mum went upstairs and she went back to bed. all the girls went to sleep, but not Abby she stay awake because she was not tried at all. Abby stayed up all night long. 



it was morning and all the girl's were waking up and the all said to Abby" what are you doing? what have you been doing all last night?"." well i could not get to sleep so i just stayed up reading a book or i was on facebook or listening to music," Abby said back to her friends. then they ending the conversation. so now it was 4:30 in the afternoon and all the girls were going home." good bye hannah, bye bella,and bye katy,"Abby said.



when all off her friends went Abby went to the pub round the corner. she had two WKDs  and then she fainted. she would not wake up. the owner of the pub called an ambulance. *20 min's later* the ambulance came and took her to hospital.  

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