it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


2. going shopping with dad!!!!!

 Today me and my dad,rob, going shopping.I have been waiting all week for this shopping trip with my dad. " Abby your dad is here,"shouted Mrs lone." thank you  mummy, just getting my money and my bag so i will be 10, 20 min's,"I shouted."do you want a brew rob?"asked Becky. "yes plz Becky that would be lovely," said rob. *20 min's later* " Dad,i ready to go," shouted Abby. this is what she was wearing  > 





"So do you have a boyfriend yet Abby?" said rob, " no not yet, but this boy in my class is quite cute his name is Andrew bull .He talks so much shit, but he already has a girlfriend her name is chole mcfaul .She is an ugly shit.but it is his choice," said Abby.*32 min's later* "We are here Abby it time to go shopping," screamed rob.


so we went in the mall all the clothes were half price .I had 927 dollars most of .The clothes were $33.So i went in all the shops and this is what I came out the mall with >

"I loved that dad thank you for taking shopping!!!"said Abby to rob. " Your welcome Abby it was  a great day i loved it to,"Rob said to Abby. *30 min's later* "we  had a great day i wish we could do more often," Abby told Becky. 

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