it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


5. at hospital!!

 Abby was in the hospital,in a hospital bed. The doctors came and spoke to Abby's mum they said" Abby is in a coma and she might wake up ."Becky was crying. she called rob to tell him that Abby was in a coma ." hello Rob i have got so bad news for you today," Becky said with a sad voice." well what is the bad news Becky, hun," Rob asked. " well your daughter is in a coma and she might wake  up, so plz come to the hospital now i can not fucking cope," becky replied. so rob got in his car and drove to the hospital. he took 29 minutes to get to the hospital   because he went to the mall on the way there and got Abby an outfit.this is the outfit that he got her> 

 Then Abbys dad (rob) turn up at the hospital. He asked the woman at the desk were abby was and she  said " floor 2 bed 55 is that ok." " yes thank you ," said rob. so rob went to the stair case and run up the stairs till he reached floor 2. then he had to find bed 55. the block off beds he went to first was 10 -20 so Abby was not the he miss the next ones because he know that they would be 30-40 so he checked the next one and there was Abby lead asleep on the bed. her dad asked her mum a question. he said " how did happen to Abby?". her mum said back" well she was in the pub after she had hers round. she did not have any sleep at all. so she fainted in the pub in front off everybody in the pub. she did not wake up, it had been 4 Hours now and she has not wake up."



 while her parents were talking think her mind was not working she still had a dream.

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