it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


6. 1D dream

 At the beginning  of her dream she meets all of 1D in the hospital( that is who wake her up in her dream). she speaks to them for along time until the doctor comes in and said " you can going home if you want Abby." so Abby went home with all the boys. she fall in love niall horan. niall  loved her to. so  niall  asked her if she would go out with he. she said yes. so they went out for a date with niall and they went back to nialls  house and sleep together. the next morning Abby wake up in her dream. all the boy said hello to Abby, Abby said hello back.  they were in the front room sitting on the couch. niall started messing with my hair. i fell asleep . an hour later i woke up( in my dream of course). so then the dream ended and for real she woke up all of 1D were round her and niall was next her. all of the boys said hey to her. so she tried to say hey but nothing came out. then she tried it again and it worked. niall fell in love with Abby. the doctor came in to the room and to Abby " Abby you need to stay for two more days so then your brain will  remember everything." so everyone went home but niall stayed with me because  he loved me. i asked Niall a question" Do you love me Niall?" . " well-lllll yes i do why do you love me?"niall said. "Well yes i do, so maybe when i get out of hospital we can go out for a date?" Abby asked. " Yes sure i will go out on a date with you," niall replied.  

* 2 days pasted*

" you can go now Abby it has been two days," the doctor said. so Abby had a bag with clothes in her.  

this is what she got changed into this>   


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