it is about a girl called Abby who live with her mum. she meets 1D in her dream and it turns out to real.hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!


3. 1D concert

Today is my birthday,I am 19 today." Happy birthday my baby,love you,"Becky said to Abby.so Abby went downstairs  and there was  a lot of presents in the front room. " thank you mum, has dad gave me any presents?" said Abby. " No not yet hunny, but he mite  give you some later!"said Becky.so Abby stared ripping off paper. The first presents  she opened was 1D concert  tickets(there were 4 tickets)."Thank you mummy that was a lovely a surprise, thank you," Abby said to her mum(Becky). 



so four mouths later (in march)the day had come."what 3 friends are u taking with you?" Becky asked. Abby  said to her mum" I am taking Hannah,Bella and Katy"." ok then i will tell them now ,"said Becky. so of they went to get Hannah Bella and Katy to go to Manchester to go and see 1D. Abby was wearing this > 



 all her friends were wearing the same thin as her.all of  her friends were in the back of the car. this is the car that they have >

" so are you ready to go and see 1D live in concert," Hannah said to all of the other people in the car." yes we are ,"  said Abby, Bella and Katy. * 91 min's later* " we are here," said Becky to the girls. " thank you for bringing us here today Mrs Lone," said Katy. " Yourwelcome Katy and my name  is Becky not Mrs Lone," said Becky.


the first song that 1D sung was Diana, then the was best song ever, next was midnight memories, then little white lies, then little black dress,then half a heart,and lastly a slow song you and I,then the concert was over, but they had back stage passes to meet 1D in person. " oh my god they are amazing, they are lovely," said all of them." look at that lovely lady over they( pointing at Abby)" said Niall. " OMG were was niall taking to me ," Abby said . " yes I was speaking  to you," Niall said. " so what are you doing here today?"he said. " well it is was my 19th birthday 4 mouth ago, and i go 1D tickets,"said Abby" COOL,"Niall said. " ok we got to go," Harry said. so they all went and the girls got in the car. *91 min's later*. all the girls were at Abby's house. they were having a sleepover.

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