really harry?

Okay I am Lilly Tomlinson my brother Louis got me a babysitter and only God knows why gosh he never trusts me I don't know why sometimes I hate him but he always helps me out when I think about our mom and dad they died in a car accident I don't really want to explain the details so yea any ways Harry is like the nice guy he sticks up for people and gets called goody two shoes alot so Louis does not know how this will ruin my reputation gosh

The one thing she does not know that she will fall for him - anonymous
Aka -Harrysgirl345


8. uh oh(this is a actually chapter)

Louis p.o.v. 


I walk out to see harry and lilly making out

"OMG aww they are so cute lilly and  harry sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love seconds comes marriage then comes harry and lilly with a baby carriage"I hear zayn I am trying to keep my cool but after she blushes thats it

"Lilly please come with me"I say trying to keep my cool once again she follows me into the kitchen I close the doors

"Lilly you can't date harry"I say

Why not"she says with lika a weird mean face

"Because if you guys break up then I don't want to pick sides okay"he says

"Oh so your saying that you don't know who you'd pick so you might not pick me on your side"she says then storms out the door towards the hall way and storms  up to her room and slams the door 

Suddenly the boys fall in on the door towards the living room and they just fall but some how harry is on the bottom I don't feel like helping them so I just walk towards the t.v. and sit down


Lilly's p.o.v.



"Oh so your saying that you don't know who you'd pick so you might not pick me on your side"I say and just walk out the first door I see and go straight to my room but I did not mean to slam it though gosh louis is grrr why does he have to be like this

"Lilly please let me come in"I hear zayn say but I know it's not just him I hear the boy's on the other side but I know louis probably isn't there I know that since his favorite show is on down stairs and hes yelling and laughing at the funny parts and duh parts

"Lilly pleaseeee"I hear zayn say again I get up and walk to the door

"Hey"then close it I also saw liam and niall there I guess Harrys not inside I don't see his car oit my window hmm  he just got up and left gosh I probaly will never see him again gosh

"Lilly Niall says the bacon is done louis made some"he says 

"Liars if there was bacon I would of already smelled it"I say its also my favorite food so duh

"I told you it wouldn't work"liam says to zayn haha I guess I was right gosh boys




Okay guys I decided I don't need a co-author but if you still ant to be then you can so yup okay well its a actually chapter so byeeee - Alisha



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