really harry?

Okay I am Lilly Tomlinson my brother Louis got me a babysitter and only God knows why gosh he never trusts me I don't know why sometimes I hate him but he always helps me out when I think about our mom and dad they died in a car accident I don't really want to explain the details so yea any ways Harry is like the nice guy he sticks up for people and gets called goody two shoes alot so Louis does not know how this will ruin my reputation gosh

The one thing she does not know that she will fall for him - anonymous
Aka -Harrysgirl345


5. out side on the side walk hehe (I am still writing it here is another chapter)

I run out side to the side walk and notice harry was the only one that followed me and see him coming closer and I have this sudden urge to kiss him but I dont I stay atleast a foot away from him

"Hey harry"I say wondering if I have a bad breath smell because I forgot to brush my teeth and look at Harry in the eye

"Hey lilly are you alright I was just thought you were actually getting killed and I was freaking out and i-"I interrupt him by kissing him he kisses back and suddenly he pushes me against his car we start to make out when I hear


"OMG aww they are so cute lilly and harry sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love seconds comes marriage then comes harry and lilly with a baby carriage"I hear zayn that meany lol jk hes nice he is like a brother to me but he is still gonna die me and harry pull away and I see the boys with awwing faces and I look at the ground and blush heavily and just keep on looking at the ground



Hey guys I am brain dead I got this sudden urge to go to sleep well not sudden my other story which I was working on was easy but right now I have a foggy brain and I just updated my other story so pleas read all of mine im not beging im just saying please read my other ones too and thanks for my support on this one guys I love my fans all of you guys bye :) - Alisha

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