really harry?

Okay I am Lilly Tomlinson my brother Louis got me a babysitter and only God knows why gosh he never trusts me I don't know why sometimes I hate him but he always helps me out when I think about our mom and dad they died in a car accident I don't really want to explain the details so yea any ways Harry is like the nice guy he sticks up for people and gets called goody two shoes alot so Louis does not know how this will ruin my reputation gosh

The one thing she does not know that she will fall for him - anonymous
Aka -Harrysgirl345


2. how dare they wake me up this early

I wake up by the noise of the boys screaming about their game I try to go back to sleep but they are to loud I check my clock and it's 6:56 I have only been asleep for like I don't know but I'm still tired I definitely have to get them back I should use my strawberry shaving cream and maybe water buckets yea water I get up put on some sweats aka a old t-shirt and sweat pants I walk down stairs really quietly even though they are in the basement I grab like 10 buckets from the  garage I go to louis room and put a bucket thingy mabobey holder above the door way so when he opens it he will get water on him I go to the bathroom and put one there to I fill up all the buckets and put them in other spots as well I get my shaving cream for when they walk in my room I got to call one of my friends for the plan hehe I sound evil(A/N I  truly feel evil while writing this I don't know why though)I decide to call Jake and have him go to the costume store I have him in a full costume and he comes over he helps me tie me to the bed he got his fake knife but it looks real we put duck tape on my mouth the I have Jake knock down  the less breakable stuff I hear Louis run up he

"Lilly what's going on up"louis yells there we put water in my eyes so I look like I'm crying and I am acting like I'm freaked out

"Lilly I'm not playing around he opens the door he gets shaving cream on him all over then Jake comes behind him with the knife the other boys come and they see us and scream then all of a sudden Jake couldn't hold it in any longer and he burst out laughing I start to laugh to we I slipped my hands out of the rope and pull the duck tape off 

"Oh my god you should've seen your guys faces it was hilarious"I drop to the floor laughing really hard I suddenly can't breath that well so I try to stop I look at them I see Niall on the urge to crying because he thought it was death or life Zayn and Liam are high fiveing Harry is in still shock and Louis looks like in between all of the emotions he runs up to me and hugs me 

"You never do that again I thought you were gonna die okay I thought this was serious!"he yells at me I run out of his arms to Niall since I know I hurt him

"Nialler I was not gonna die you know that okay I am stronger then Lou-"I get interrupted

"You are not stronger then me"he says I roll my eyes

"Well you might be stronger then me but I know how to run faster then all of you"I say bragging they all know I can because I was on track since I was like 10 years old I get up and go to Harry

"I know Harry you were probably freaked but this was pay back for waking me up so fucking early in the morning"I say I put my arms around Niall and Harry

"Umm...Lilly it's 11:34"Niall says looking at all the clocks I look at my clock it says 7:34 oh hehe whoops my great common sense yep

"Oh hehe whoops well you guys still deserved it for all those times you've picked on me and tackled me and I did nothing to get you guys bac-"I get interrupted by Louis once again

"You've got us back all those times"he says well I guess I will be the one getting the pay back this time 

"And we're gonna get you good"Liam has a smirk on his face 

"Hey guys I got to go  to restroom"Niall says hehe they don't know about the water buckets they all go to different rooms and get soaked they all look at me I backed up till I reached the stairs then I ran down to the sidewalk





A/N well hey and see one of my friends helped me kinda she is Kaycee k is her name on this well I hope you guys liked this chapter well I know it probably kinda stank but I think I liked it no I actually like no. I think I love it anyways please comment and please ask tell me if you have any ideas I will mention you okay but I know some I might not use but it depends okay well bye 



- Harrysgirl345 byeeeeee

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