really harry?

Okay I am Lilly Tomlinson my brother Louis got me a babysitter and only God knows why gosh he never trusts me I don't know why sometimes I hate him but he always helps me out when I think about our mom and dad they died in a car accident I don't really want to explain the details so yea any ways Harry is like the nice guy he sticks up for people and gets called goody two shoes alot so Louis does not know how this will ruin my reputation gosh

The one thing she does not know that she will fall for him - anonymous
Aka -Harrysgirl345


1. chapter one hehe i did not know what to call this one lol

I wake up by this annoying random person oh wait it's Louis

"LILLY"he screamed in my ear"KEVIN WILL EAT YOUR TOAST"he screams even louder

"Louis the bird is dead get over it okay"I say in like a really grumpy mood I see Louis is a little hurt because I'm usually like not this mean but it's 4:30 in the freakin morning gosh he is going to mess with my brain sooner or latter it's not even the first day of school that's on Friday I know weird day to start school but my life is strange so yea why not my school to anyways school is not for a week I mean it's Saturday okay and I still count it as Friday because of how early it is but still I am not waking up this early 

"The reason I'm waking you up early is because I'm having the boys over"he said with a grumpy voice"I thought you would want to get ready because they are gonna be here in a hour"how can they get up that early gosh my brothers friend are strange just saying oh wait the boys are 

Zayn Javaad Malik

Liam James Payne 

Niall James Horan

And last but not least 

Harold Edwards Styles 

We call him Harold because it annoys him lol I call him Harry sometimes but not all the time so yea but he's my former friend he's not my friend anymore because he'll ruin my reputation any ways I don't care if the boys see me with the ugliest clothes on they understand how I am cute when I'm out and about so yea I hear the door bell and cover my face with my pillow and scream 

"Hey Lilly I see you are not in a good mood"i hear Niall say

"Hey Niall bye Niall"I say into my pillow 

"Okay I see your tired I will tell the boys to be quite okay"he says I give him a thumbs up well technically in between  I hear him chuckle







Hello this is my second fanfic I am still writing the other one okay I just want to make two lol well guys I need sleep so night guys. - Harrysgirl345


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