Harry Potter My Story

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5. The train

Sapphire's p.o.v

"Why, hello my name is Diamond, Diamond Midnight Moon." a haunting voice spoke.

"Why hello I'm Sapphire Shadownight and this is my twin Annabeth." I told the girl. My sister was reading a book it was a muggle book called 'Withering Heights' .My Older sister was sitting opposite us flaunting her new prefect badge. My family is muggle horns yet my sister (older) is a Ravenclaw and I think that my twin will be as well. I however, think that I'm going to be in Slytherin. I shifted along the seat to let Diamond sit next to me. I could tell that we would be good friends.

"Hi I'm Zoe, Saff and Ann's older sister." Zoe told Diamond only just realising that someone else was sitting in our cabin. 

"My older sister is a stuck up annoying person." I whispered to Diamond. However Zoe heard and have me a death stare so I haistily shut up. Just then another girl entered. She has long brown hair brushing her mid back.

"I'm Sara, Sara Susan Stillwater," she introduced herself. At this I saw my twin look up. And Sara looked at her. I could tell then that Annabeth had found a BFFLEAE (best friend for like ever and ever). Annabeth got up and had a word with are older sister. I caught some of it including "Can you get your arse in gear and get out of are compartment?" Zoe stood up and flounced off to find her friends.

"Well as we have got rid of her we can sit over here." Annabeth told her new BFF Sara.We continued the journey telling each other different facts about us like are blood status and what not. There was only one problem with sitting next to Diamond, she kept flicking her rich chocolate hair into my face.


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