Harry Potter My Story

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10. Off The Train

Diamond's p.o.v

We arrived at the Hogwarts train station and got off the train. Phew, what a long journey, and some of it was very awkward too. We were walking towards the boats when suddenly a girl with a wild smile popped in front of us. "Well, hello I'm Coco, Coco Narsissia  Black! What about you guys?" she asked grinning from ear to ear. "I'm Diamond Midnight Moon and this is Sapphire Shadownight, my bestie!" I said to her, while shaking her hand. "Oh, ok then, nice to meet you all! What house do you want to be in?" she asked me. "Well, hmm..... I want to be in Slytherin, so yeah." I replied. "I want to be in slytherin too!" Sapphire spoke up. "Well, I don't like the house Slytherin so much, but you guys are nice! Anyways, I want to be in Ravenclaw!" Coco replied. 

Sapphire's p.o.v

We were chatting with a girl, named Coco, when suddenly somebody tapped my shoulder when I looked behind there was nobody there, so I faced towards the others again. But when I was turning my head I noticed Jake there with a couple of older boys. I bet he was a year, or two older. The strange thing was, that as our eyes met, that he winked at me and mouthed 'See you Later'. He was quite cute, but I didn't know what he wanted from me so I just mouthed back 'Ok'.

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