Harry Potter My Story

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9. Beautiful

Jake's p.o.v

I was walking up and down the train looking for that idiot sister of mine when I finally found her. I was about to open the cabin door when the girl beside her caught my eye. She was sooo pretty. "Umm hello I'm Jake!" Was all I managed to say before she looked into my eyes and smiled.

Sapphire's p.o.v

We were chatting away with Diamond or Dia as she said she was preferred to be called when a boy about a year older than us pushed straight into our cabin, he muttered a quick 'hi' and then just kept staring at me, so I smiled at him then I heard Dia say something like: 'What the hell are you doing here?'. Then she said she was going to have a quick chat with him. Sincere. When she came back she was alone and I asked her who that boy was and what he was called, she replied: "He's called Jake Moon and he's my brother."                        I was stunned.

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