Don't Forget Where You Belong


Autumn-Rose thought she would be having a perfect summer before she had to go off to college. That all changes when the zombie disease takes full affect. When Autumn-Rose stumbles upon One Direction in need of her help, what will she do? Does Autumn-Rose have enough courage and heart left to let people come close to her again, especially after something tragic happens? Is there enough time for the boys and Autumn-Rose to become close? Or will the zombies get them before anything happens at all?


5. Sound-Check

Niall’s P.O.V.

I strum my guitar, playing to the beat of the song; nodding my head along with the drums.

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m finding my way… Same old s**t but a different dayyyy!!”

“Mid-night mem-o-ries, oh, oh, oh, oohhh. Baby, you and me, stormin’ in the street. Singin’, singin’, singin’, singin’. Mid-night mem-o-ries, oh, oh, oh, oohh. Everywhere we go, never say no, just you and, you and, you and…”

“You and me, and all our friends, I don’t care how much we spend. Baby this is what the night is for-or-or-or-or…”

I finish rocking out to my favorite song to perform of the set.

“That was a good run, lads.” I hear Josh say behind me. I look up at him; he is twirling the drum sticks around in his fingers.

“Can we run Story of My Life once more? I couldn’t hear myself very well last time.” Liam says.

“Yeah, sure.” Josh says.

I place my guitar on the rack and grab my microphone. I adjust my ear plugs again since they keep falling out. I listen as Harry starts to sing his part of the song, then Liam.

We eventually finish the song. “How was that Liam?” I ask.

“Better; thanks, mate. I could actually hear myself this time. I swear these ears don’t work sometimes.” I start to chuckle at him.

“C’mon, lads. Can we please go play some football before we have to get ready?” Louis whines.

“Yes, Lou.” Zayn answers back. Louis smiles and runs off stage to go get the football. We all slowly trudge after him.

We all meet back up in the back of the building; there is a small, open area back there; clear of cars and in the shade too. It’s perfect because it is so hot today.

Louis kicks the ball over to me and I kick it back, making him run after it.

“I hope today’s show goes a lot better than yesterday’s show.” I hear Harry pipe up.

“Yeah, me too.” Liam says.

“What even happened yesterday? It happened all so quickly. I just remember someone pulling me off stage by the arm.” I ask, curiosity lingering in my voice.

“Paul said someone attacked another person, and then fighting broke out. But apparently it got pretty ugly; blood started was drawn.” Zayn says, looking me dead in the eyes.

My eyes grew wide. “Why would a fight break out? Especially at one of our concerts! I don’t understand that.”

“Neither do I.” Liam says. His mouth hangs open, as if he wasn’t done speaking. “Have you guys heard about that story? The one in Ohio?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that.” Louis says, finally coming back from retrieving the football. “But wasn’t that a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know… it freaks me out. Can something like that actually happen?” Liam shakes his head.

“Is this the story about the dead people coming back to life?” I chime in.

“Yeah, mate.” Zayn says.

“That’s some messed up shit, right there.” I say back, disbelief racking my brain. The boys nod their head in agreement with me.

“Lets just hope that everything goes smoothly tonight; and that we don’t have to cut the performance short again like last night.” Liam says.

“Well, it wasn’t just last night. Remember, we had to end early a couple of nights ago in Canada.” Harry says.

“That’s right, mate. I totally forgot about that.” Liam says, shock filling his voice. He shakes his head again. “Something weird is going on; something isn’t right. I can feel it.”

Suddenly, screams rang out across the stadium. They sound distant, but yet, so close; echoes maybe?

“What the bloody hell was that?” Liam asks, whipping his head around to look behind him.

“Probably the fans. C’mon, Liam, don’t become stupid now.” Louis chuckles.

“Those screams sounded… different.” Harry says. “Almost… terrified.” His eyes become round and he looks around at all of us.

Louis kicks the football to me again. I was about to kick it back to him, when I saw Paul coming around the corner, running; an expression of shock lying across his face. I plant my foot on top of the ball and look at him, as he stops in the middle of the circle the lads and I have formed. He is out of breath and pointing to something.

“You… guys…” He pauses to catch his breath. “You lads have to leave. Right now!”

“What we can’t leave! We have a show to put on tonight.” Zayn says, a little timid. “We will not let down our fans.”

Paul cocks his head to the side and shakes it. “Trust me, Zayn. There is no show, tonight. Or any upcoming shows for that matter.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I yell at Paul, causing him to look at me.

Just then another set of screams ring out; only this time there are more screams. And Harry is right, they do sound different than the usual fans’ screaming. They sound terrified… scared… desperate.

“You guys need to leave now. America isn’t safe anymore.” Paul states blankly.

“What?!!” Louis hisses. “How can you even say that? We don’t even know what is going on!!”

Paul looks at me with wide eyes. It takes a second or two for me to realize that he is looking pass me, not at me. He slowly draws his arm up and points at something. “That’s why you lads have to leave.” He states, rather coldly.

I turn around and see something very… very… difficult to explain. I watch as a few people limb as they walk; rather struggle. Some of them seem to be dragging their feet or legs. They perk up and smell the air, almost like dogs, and look in our direction. Once they spot us, they come charging at us and run into the chain-link fence. All they do is moan and hiss at us. They’re not normal. They have bright yellow eyes and grey skin; some have huge gashes throughout their body, blood trickling down from it.

“Dead.” I hear Paul say in a low tone behind me. I am lost for words right now. There are no words that come to my mind to explain how I feel right now; so out of touch.

I watch these strange creatures of the dead as one of them is attempting to climb over the fence. The others are pushing against the fence, in what I assume to try and bring it down.

“C’mon lads! RUN!!” I hear Paul yell. I turn around and run after Paul, the other lads following me. I guess my new knee is going to come in handy now; seeing that it looks like I will be running a lot.

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