Don't Forget Where You Belong


Autumn-Rose thought she would be having a perfect summer before she had to go off to college. That all changes when the zombie disease takes full affect. When Autumn-Rose stumbles upon One Direction in need of her help, what will she do? Does Autumn-Rose have enough courage and heart left to let people come close to her again, especially after something tragic happens? Is there enough time for the boys and Autumn-Rose to become close? Or will the zombies get them before anything happens at all?


2. Lies

Autumn-Rose’s P.O.V.

I walk down the street, feeling the wind twirl my hair around. I could feel the sun’s rays crashing against my skin. As I walk, the back of my dress occasionally hits the back of my legs and then bounces off.

I was heading over to my boyfriend, Marc’s house. We are supposed to have a picnic down at the local beach, not to far from his house.

I finally reach his house and walk up to his front door, ringing the doorbell. I step back and look around at the beautiful and colorful flowers. Marc’s mom was a big gardener, and I guess she just planted those flowers because they look pretty fresh and healthy. My thoughts were disrupted by the sound of a door opening. I snap my head back around and smile at him when our eyes meet. He stood there in the doorway with a wide grin plastered on his face and a rose pierced between his teeth.

“Hey Rose… Ow!” Marc yelled.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at him. “What in the world are you doing?”

I watch as he delicately takes the single rose that was in his mouth, out of his mouth and hand it to me. I accept the rose with a smile and then shake my head at him because of his stupidity.

“I was trying to be cool and talk with a rose in my mouth. But as you can tell it didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. It stabbed my tongue; which really hurt.” The last part of his words became slurred as Marc stuck out his tongue to try and see if his tongue was bleeding. I swear to god that this boy has no brain sometimes.

Marc turns around to lock his front door and my eyes travel down his body to his hand.

“What’s with the old-fashioned picnic basket and classic red checkered blanket?” I ask my voice full of curiosity.

He turns to face me again and I watch as a smile forms on his face. “My mom had it stored away in the attic. Why? You don’t like it?” Concern crosses his face.

“No, no.” A small smile snakes across my lips. “I love it! It’s very… very…” I rack my brain for the word I am looking for. “… romantic.”

Marc’s smile grows a little wider. “That’s what I was going for.” I feel myself start to blush; my cheeks becoming very hot.

“There are those rosie cheeks again.” Marc announced, which made me giggle. I start to walk down the front steps of the porch but Marc grabbed my wrist, causing me to turn on my heel and face him.

I look deep into his sparkling blue eyes and smile, knowing what’s about to happen. Marc crashes his lips on to mine, kissing me with passion. I kiss him back, eventually feeling him start to smile through the kiss. I pull away giggling. Marc smiles and shakes his head at me.

“C’mon!” He says to me, as he entwines his fingers with mine and leads us down to the beach.


Autumn-Rose’s P.O.V.

“That one looks like a bunny.” Marc says as he points to a cloud.

“Yeah, it does.” I say in a chuckle. I look around for another cloud that could be of an animal shape. I point up at one. “That looks like a turtle.”

“What? Where? I don’t see it.” Marc says.

I prop myself up by my elbow and point to the white fluff in the sky. “That one, over there! Do you see the head, and legs? And the curve part is the shell?!”

“Oh! Now I see it.” Marc chuckles. I drop my arm onto Marc’s chest and look down at him. He smiles and draws my hand near his mouth and kisses the top of it. I smile gently at him and lower myself back down next to him, so that I am lying down again.

Marc continues to play with my hand in his. I smile to myself and slowly close my eyes, soaking up everything that is going on. I don’t want to move from this spot; Ever. I am so at peace right now. My mind is clear of worries and I am enjoying life, especially when Marc is around. He makes everything a hundred times better.


“Hmmm?” I mumble, my eyes still closed.

“My dad says it’s getting worse.”

I didn’t say anything, and even though my eyes were closed, I could feel Marc staring at me, waiting for me to respond. But honestly, I didn’t want to answer him.

I knew what he was talking about. Something horrid. Something so unreal and gross. It was inhuman.

A few weeks ago, probably right before school ended, something unnatural happened. In Cincinnati, Ohio, a couple of people came down with this massive flu-like sickness. Only it was much worse, and much more powerful. They were said to have had this outrageous fever, that killed them within a few hours; the only thing is that, those people, who were pronounced dead, came back to life. Only they weren’t humans, but monsters. They were seen to have yellow eyes and grey skin, and they would just moan. They started to attack people at the hospital; they would start to… eat people. Carnivores, they said. More like cannibalism.

The whole story was all over the news for days, probably a week or two. It scared everyone. Eventually the government had to step in and say that the whole situation was under control; they made up an excuse, saying it was the medication the patients were given that made them delirious. Everyone had a hard time accepting that story; I know I did. But eventually people did accept it as the truth and carried on with their lives. Or at least they thought.

Marc’s father was in the military, so he still has some ties and secret connections to the military now. Marc’s father would know more about something than others. Especially with something like this crisis.


“Ugh.” I open my eyes and turn my head to face him. “Why did you have to bring something like that up?!” Annoyance was laced around my words as I spoke.

Marc sighs and turns his face back up to the sky. I do the same and close my eyes again.

“It spread to Kentucky and Pennsylvania. It got as far as Philadelphia.” I hear Marc continue on about this disease thing. “All the people who got infected had the same events as the people in Ohio. The--”

“Marc, enough! Please!” I said to cut him off. I have heard enough.

“The government supposedly got it under control and said that it should stop for good now.”

“Marc!!” I yelled. I sat up and turned to face him. “Please, stop! I don’t want to hear anymore of this.”

I watch as Marc sat up and sighed. He slowly raised his eyes to meet mine.

I glare at him. “Nothing for anything, but you’re kind of ruining this nice, fun and peaceful date we have going on right now.”

A small smile forms on his face; a chuckle escaping from his lips. “I’m sorry, Rose. I thought you should know.”

I nod in understanding. I should know, but I don’t want to know.

“Hey.” Marc says in a whisper. My eyes flicker back up to meet his. “I have some chocolate-covered strawberries. You want some?” He smiles a cheeky smile at me.

I nod and smile back. “Yes, please. They’re my favorite.” I giggle, knowing that he brought them because of me.

Marc pulled out a plastic container and opens it. I take one and bite into it. The juices flow out of it and mix together with the sweet sensation of the chocolate.

“Mmmmm.” I say in enjoyment.

“Here.” Marc says to me. I open my eyes and look down at his extended arm. A little white box, with purple ribbon wrapped around it, resting in his hand.

My eyes become wide at the sight of the box. “What’s this?” I ask, after I swallowed my strawberry.

Marc chuckles. “It’s for you. Just open it. Please.” I can hear sincerity ringing in his voice.

I take the little white box from his hand and remove the ribbon. I look up at Marc one last time before I open it, a smile spreading across his face. I open the little box and my mouth drops open. Inside, lays a silver heart, studded with diamonds, on a silver chain.

“Oh my god, Marc! You shouldn’t of have.” Shock expressed in my words and across my face.

“Do you know what today is?” Marc asks me, his eyebrows arched.

“Umm… August 5th?” I say not entirely sure. Marc nods his head and smiles. I stare blankly at him, knowing that this date is important to me. It is on the tip of my tongue; I just can’t put my finger on it. Marc starts to smile a little wider at me and that’s when it clicks in my head.

“Oh my god!! August 5th!! It’s our anniversary!”

Marc chuckles and nods. “Yep! Two years Rose.”

My eyes go wide. I feel absolutely terrible that I forgot, especially now since it is two years. “We have been together for two years!! Are you serious?!” Marc nods again. “It feels longer than that, honestly.” I say, looking back down at the beautiful necklace laying in my hands.

“Well, lets make it longer then, Rose.” Marc says sweetly. I look back up at him and smile. I feel myself start to blush again. Marc chuckles again, seeing me turn bright red. “Do you want me to put it on?”

I nod. Marc scoots over to me and takes the necklace from me. I turn my body around and scoop up my hair in my hands. I watch as Marc’s hands come in front of me and place it on me. The touch of the cold metal sends shivers down my back.


“Yeah, Rose?” He says, still trying to latch the necklace.

“I am so sorry.” I squeeze my eyes shut; guilt running over my body.

“What for, babe?”

“I forgot. It just simply escaped my mind, and I feel absolutely awful.”

“There.” Marc says finally after he got the necklace latched. He places his hands on my shoulders. I let my hair fall from my hands and I turn my head to look at him over my shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Rose.” He smiles a compassionate smile.

I turn around to face him fully. “No, I feel terrible. I will make it up to you. I promise.” A small smile forms on my lips.

“Ok. If you say so.” Marc chuckles. He gently lifts up his hand and places it on my face; caressing my cheek. I nudge my face into his hand; his sweet touch feeling so nice and gentle. We both start to lean in; the space between us gradually getting closer; until finally when our lips crash together. I start to run my fingers through his golden curls and locks, deepening the kiss. Slowly, Marc starts to lower himself to the blanket until I am lying on top of him. We continue to kiss, not noticing all the clouds starting to pass by.

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