asian girl

an Asian girl who stays in a hotel but what happens when she meets a famous boyband in the elevator?


3. staying at a hotel

yesenia pov

i woke up the next morning. then i checked my phone, and logged into my twitter. i gained 4,000 followers. how the hell did that happen? niall posted somthing on my page.. nialofficial@ pls follow  @yesenialytis i just met her on the elevator. i read the comments. @niallanator are you guys dating?

@harryscat234 oh geez probaly its one of his family members. i then posted something. @yesenialytis guys me and @nialloficial are not dating he and louis just ran into me in the elevator so no rumors pls=) i logged out of my twitter and shut my phone..

AUTHORS NOTE: sorry if this was the shortest chapter youve ever read i just need to log off and im at a party right now and my cousin is pulling on my leg bye!






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