The Perfect Glass

When everything seems perfect, It cant possibly feel this way...


1. To lose it all

   Her eyes stared, and devoured the red liquid. It cried to her, begging to fill her completely and waste away her magnificent full body. The half oval top, and long slender handle of the glass shone in the dark that was her kitchen. It -the cup- filled the room with promises of a better tomorrow. One where worries are never heard of. One with lush green grass, and moist crisp air. Pain and satisfaction couldn't coexist there, so they wouldn't. Only content and pleasure. She could close her eyes, and know that if she opened them, tears wouldn't fall. She would open her eyes to pure bliss and wonder that would consume her for years and more. When she'd breathe, her lungs would rejoice, and burn with anticipation of repeating the cycle.

   Her body ached now. Her heart crashed into her stomach, and her bones made a pretentious effort to  shiver uncontrollably. Her head and body fought to keep her sane. This glass. This one glass that she'd drunk countless times from. During small dinners, grand galas, holiday specials, even meeting her well beloved son-in-law. This glass held so many solutions. Cherry red wine laced with the token to a perfect world mocked her in the clear still glass. She tapped her perfectly painted nails nervously on the marble table. The rhythm was off, matching her rapid heartbeats precisely.
   A tear slipped down her pasty smooth face. She didn't bother wiping it. She watched it fall to the floor like the rest of her world had done. Everything slipped slowly, mocking, laughing bitterly at her riven face. Here she sat in a dark algid kitchen, when she should have her feet up enjoying her roast at her brother's home. She let her head completely fall, and began to laugh hysterically.
   What a sight this was! If anyone was to see their most loved like this they'd cast her away into an asylum. Who would think that she of all people would be in this particular predicament on the biggest night of her life. It's very peculiar that she was going to do the very thing she fought against for so many years.

   She laughed and laughed. Laughed until her stomach was sore, and laughed even more. She kept laughing, in tears now craving the twist and complete burn of her torso. Like a burning house was set in the middle of her, daring  to break her into already pieces of fruitless dust. She stopped when her lungs wouldn't accept anymore air, and tried to regain herself. She gripped the counter top, crying now, feeling utterly lost and hopeless.
   How could it come to this? If she declined her peace tonight, she would wake up carrying the same burdens in the morning, and now one of guilt. Despite what she fooled her companions in to thinking, she was far from the mirthful woman she appeared to be. She had more worries than the world itself could handle. The thought of it being all over one day. Thinking of this very night for countless months, and sleepless nights ignited her. She smiled with a wicked smirk behind it, knowing that it'll all be over while the rest of the world fought with itself. 

   She stopped crying immediately not wishing to give this world the satisfaction of her defeat. 
She closed her eyes, and began breathing, willing her mind to prepare itself. If she didn't go through with this tonight, she would hate herself, and anyone else who has come to love her disgraceful being.

   She heard the heavy door swing open, and her remarkable husband cry her name in agony. He found the note, which means she's been waiting far too long. She took in a deep breath, and clenched the burning glass.
    She heard her name once more, closer. His footsteps echoed sharply in her brain; Loud and dangerously. For a split second she thought to throw down the glass, and embrace him with everything in her, but the glass was already pasted in her palms. 
   It won't get better. It couldn't get better. She repeated over and over. No matter who said it would, she knew they were lying. Common empty words you say to someone you care about, just to get them out of your hair.
   The footsteps were  now around the corner, and her heart sank. Her magnificent husband never stopped shouting for her, and this made her feel even worse. To put him through this and to still be alive would be misery for them both; So she wouldn't.
She choked out an 'I love you' before forcing the burning liquid down her throat.

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