Don't Break The Silence

Lance believed he was in paradise with former boyfriend Keith, until he got under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Lance has to learn to cope with that and the abuse he gets. One little mistake changes Lances life forever with a girl named Natile. Number one rule they make
Don't break the silence.


1. Peachy Breezy

The world is spinning constantly, with a hand on your throat, the devil looking right at you. The smell of alcohol and weed go in and out of your nostrils, getting sick of the smell. Grasping for breath, begging for mercy. Yet, after all that, you are still in love with that devil. Fear conquers you everyday you wake up in the morning, you look to your side and see them, sleeping peacefully and remember how you fell in love with them again, yet you cant tell them your dirty little secret, even though the secret may not be dirty, more loving, but not for Lance, its a different story between him and his boyfriend, Keith.

                            *                        *                *          *

Growing up in England was a charm, especially living on a farm. Elegant, old fashioned parents, good education, the whole deal. Lance grew up with designing and fancy things, because his mother was into fashion. Always wearing her sparkly dress, her strong scented perfume, red heels, and lipstick and loads of mascara to finish the job. He admired her beauty, he wanted to be just like her. When she was gone, he would put on the dress and the heels, put on the lipstick, and stare at himself in the mirror. He felt like the princess he always wanted to be. Until his dad caught him. He knew his son was gay and could do nothing about it. Instead of reacting terribly and fighting and possibly abuse, he accepted him and taught him not to do that, but to dress like a man, and he took him shopping to make him buy boys clothes he liked.

Later on in his life, when Lance graduated college and moved to San Francisco, it really helped him. He went into designing houses for people and yet dressed classy. That's also where he met Keith.

It was one sunny day in August and Lance was extremely busy and stressed that day. He kept getting calls in and angry customers demanding for his work to be done by this day and he couldn't handle it to much longer. Suddenly Keith walked into the door seeing if he could get somebody to repaint is flower boutique shop across the street since they re modeled and they are going to make it into a bakery as well. Lance was on the phone with an angry customer and he hung and went looking for some scissors on the bottom drawer of a table.

"excuse me sir.." Keith says softly

"WHAT!!" Lance yells and raises up and takes a look at Keith, there eyes meet. Lances takes a couple steps back, admiring the beauty he seeks off of this man. His heart stops beating for a moment, freezes. He hasn't had that happen since his Senior year in high school and he dated the guy for 2 years.

"Im sorry to interrupt.." he turns and walks away

"no no! wait I apologize I've been having a really rough day" Lance says jogging over to him

"Im Lance by the way, nice to meet you" he smiles and pulls out his hand

The man smiles

"Im Keith" he shakes his hand firmly, both of them looking at each other in the eye, both of there hearts beating super fast, that's when both of them experienced love at first sight.

Keith grew up in Miami. His parents were wealthy as well, grew up in a nice place, had a nice big house, he was living big. His parents on the other hand, got addicted to drugs. His mother on Meth and his dad on Heroine. They didn't find out until they spun out of control, they had a party on a yatt and his dad had an overdose, and his mother got so paranoid and crazy she killed Keith's dads mother because she somehow thought it was her fault. Keith then had to live with his older sister and boyfriend in Tampa. Keith lived with them from about the age of 13 to 17. The first year went well for them, until Keith's sister's boyfriend, Jionni, started to drink too much and became an alcoholic. He started sneaking women in and out of the house when Keith's sister, Carol was at work or out with girlfriends. He would always end up having sex with them and always get caught by Keith and because of that Jionni would abuse him and beat him down until he promised not to tell. Carol would always come home to a scared little boy.  That's why finally Keith ran away at 17 since he was afraid that Jionni would murder him because 2 years later he proposed to Carol and Keith couldn't stand to let him marry her and so he told the truth and she broke off the engagement. His grandparents in California flew him over and paid for him to go to College and so after that he decided to move to San Francisco to spend time with his grandparents daily and start a business there.

Things after these two met was like heaven on earth. They exchanged numbers and went on a date a couple days later. Then it led from one date to another. Watching operas, picnic in the park, going on movie nights, watching the city lights, it was almost perfect. The difficult thing about this was that Lance has no clue what he is getting himself into, into falling in love with a monster and how the past, does haunt you.



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