Don't Break The Silence

Lance believed he was in paradise with former boyfriend Keith, until he got under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Lance has to learn to cope with that and the abuse he gets. One little mistake changes Lances life forever with a girl named Natile. Number one rule they make
Don't break the silence.


2. Open Eyes

From trying to impress, it got casual as they started to go on more dates, and finally, on , it became official November 17th. Lance couldn't have been happier. Keith brought Lance flowers everyday, and Lance make his name or messages out of silk, ribbons, etc. and a cute note for them everyday at work.

Then it was coming close to Christmas. Even though they were only together for a month, Keith wanted Lance to meet his grandparents anyways. As they met, his grandparents loved them right away and vice versa. Lance had so many questions, but he was to afraid to answer, then finally, when Keith's grandma mentioned Keith's mom, he just looked down on the ground and excused himself because he wanted to go light a blunt. As the grandma looks down ashamed, Lance was debating whether or not to ask, but he did.

"may I ask what has happened with Lances mom.. or parents?" he said, stuttering.  Grandma and Grandpa looked at each other, looked a little shocked

"oh goodness.. Keith hasn't told you yet?"

"No, he just keeps his personal life a little mysterious, I'd  figure he'd tell us later on in our relationship."

"well.. Keith's parents were, addicted to drugs. His dad died of an overdose and his mother... my daughter." She started to tear up, "had to go to prison of murder, but also got charged because she was on crystal meth." She started to cry and bust out in tears

"I have no idea where she is, she either got murder, committed suicide, broke out of jail, or is still in prison." She started crying while Grandpa was comforting her

"I just miss my baby girl."

Keith comes back, he definitely looks high, and Lance gets very suspicious, then that's when Lance discovered that Keith smokes weed.

Keith has an angry look on his face, not angry, more frightening for that matter. The look of a killer. He just looks at everybody, and laughs.

"Oh.. how happy I am. So, so happy. My wonderful boyfriend, who I think I'm in love with, and my grandparents. My grandparents I love till death. The ones who are so open with everybody, so warming and welcoming."  He begins to pour wine in his class as well as Lance's and his grandmothers and grandfathers, and raises his glass

"cheers, my darlings."

As they all sip on there wine, Lance a little more freaked out

The words just keep spinning inside his head

"My grandparents I love TILL death. The ones who are SO OPEN with everybody." Why did he said till instead of to?


Keith is sipping on Coffee and reading the newspaper, Lance just wakes up and starts to get dressed up for work.

"How do I look babe?" Lance says with a big smile on his face

Keith looks at the Newspaper, crumbles it up, throws it away and without looking at Lance says, "you look great, hunny!"

Lance tries to catch Keith as he is trying to walk away.

"My break starts at 1:30, so I was hoping we can get some lunch together." As he pulls his arm, Keith turns around and screams at him

"I don't want to have lunch with you goddammit, cant you see I don't want that?"

Lance freezes and looks at him

"Did I do something wrong in bed last night that made you this way?"

He looks like he is about to cry, puts on workout clothes, kisses Lance and says, "no, baby you did amazing. I just need some thinking to do I cant take it, im going to Gym, ill meet you at Baristas at 1:40." He then rushes out the door.

Lance is standing there, bewildered, thinking. A light bulb goes over his head. He immediately rushes upstairs, opens the trash can and looks at the newspaper, on the second page it a huge picture of Keith's grandparents.


Mabel Margot Lon Gaza and George Allen Lon Gaza II were missing early Sunday morning when a neighbor, Ms. Tanya was surprised not to see Mr. Lon Gaza out watering his flowers or out on the porch reading the newspaper with his dog. She thought maybe he slept in, but then Ms. Tanya got more suspicious when she didn't see Mrs. Lon Gaza out doing her afternoon walk with or without her husband. She decided to go knock on the door, nobody answered. She tried calling the house and nobody answered, she assumed they were out on vacation. "its just so odd to not have them doing stuff together, or them doing there daily routine." Ms. Tanya was explaining. I thougt I was freaking out to much, but they never skipped a day where they just stayed inside. I waited a couple of days after then tried again, I got worried and decided to call the cops because I just got to worried, shortly after they arrived, they found the bodies under there basement. After I heard the news I bawled, they were like my parents and grandparents to my kids, it was just so devastating and I knew something was wrong." Police have found no evidence of who can be the murder. They interviewed many people close to the couple including there grandson, Keith Romero. "I just cant see anybody killing my wonderful grandparents." Keith says while tearing up, "I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving and we were planning to celebrate Christmas together and this has to happen, they are the reason why im here living such a good life, and now they are gone." There will be a memorial for them on Christmas Day, and Keith is hosting it.

Lance just sat there for a brief moment. Why would Keith lie? Why would he be acting so weird, instead of crying, he's just been acting crazy this past week. Then, Lance comes to a conclusion. Keith is the murderer. He has been acting weird because he knew he killed them because they couldn't keep there mouths shut, that's why he said, "My grandparents I love TILL death." He was right, till death he loved them. Lance was freaking out, he had no idea what to do, he went downstairs to there bedroom, looked through his closest. There was a big black bag he never saw that was there, he hesitated for a brief moment, and decided to open it.

Once he opened it. many things in there that nearly shocked him. A picture of a beautiful woman, with the long flowy blonde hair, blue crystal eyes, tan skin, and a perfect beach body. It little black font it posted on the bottom right corner


Marilyn Lon Gaza

That must be his mother. He put it down, and kept digging, he found a ball pipe, with a red lipstick stain on it, it must've been his mothers meth pipe. He looked into it  more found a huge bottle of whiskey, it was almost empty with a bottle of Vodka, and a little container for on the go, he knew he was an alcoholic all along. He then found an Aka 47, and a huge knife with blood stains, in a plastic bag, it must've been his murder weapons. On the label of the plastic bag it reads

"To my sorry soul, the happiness and the craziness, my smoke and my liquor give me. I had to do it, to my identity, for the devil is coming closer, to meeting the new danger, my smoke and my liquor give me."

And for all this time, he never had open eyes





































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