We Meet Again.

this is my first. so here it goes

You and Liam have been friends since kindergarten. But when you were 15 Liam moved away. You texted for a while but after a while he stopped texting you...


4. •A Little More Than Friends•

•Liam's POV•

When she hit my arm, I just felt a shock go threw my body.

We just sat there staring into each other's eyes. I was about to just go for it an kiss her when Zayn grunted loudly making me look at him with anger.

Dori giggled. Jeez I love her laugh.

After the movie ended Dori was laying on my chest sleeping. I ended up just calling her parents and telling them she's staying the night. They trust me so it's okay.

I pick her up and put her into my bed, because why not? It was hot in my room and she looked warm so I checked to see if she had clothes underneath. She didn't. so I just got her out of it anyway and put a pair of my boxers on with a tanktop. She looked so cute.

I held back everything to not just kiss her forever.

After, I got out of my onesie and wore my boxers with nothing else, climbed in bed, kissed her forehead and went to bed.

Dori's POV•

I woke up.. in Liam's bed?! How did I get here? And what? I'm wearing boxers and a tanktop? what? how?

I decided to get up and walk out to hear Liam talking to Niall.

"How do you feel about her ?" I heard Niall say in his thick Irish accent.

"I don't know. But I think. I'm starting to get feelings for her."

Was he talking about me?! Of course he was! Ugh. was I feeling the same way? No I couldn't. But I do.

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