Niall's Little Sister

Niall Horan from the famous boy band One Direction, has a younger, 13 year old sister. Austin isn't super happy that her brother if famous. They use to sit at the piano, and make up songs together, but now he's always off on tour. There Mom passed away in a car crash about two years after Niall joined One Direction, and now there Dad is so depressed, he drinks the rest of his life away. Austin can barely stand her life, and decides to take some of her Dad's money, and fly to London, where Niall is living in a mansion with the rest of the boys. This is the story of Austin's life, and how she struggles to survive it.


4. Drunk and in Pain

Hey guys! So sorry bout my last update with the whole 'Page's P.O.V.' I meant 'Austin's P.O.V.' but I was confused what story I was wrighting I guess.... Anyways! The last chapter was still for this story, i just want to say sorry and heres the next chapter!


                Austin's P.O.V.


                         Niall started driving to the boys' house, where him and the lads all live. I decided to sit in the back, even though Niall wanted me to sit in the front with him, so we could talk. I didn't feel like talking right now. I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a small bottle of beer, I had stolen it from a man at the airport. He probably won't find out it's missing till he reaches the airplane, and has no way to find it. Why did I steel it, you might ask. Because like my dad, I drink. Yah, I know I'm only 13, but at least I only do it every once in a while, like only a couple times a year. I open the bottle and take a medieum sized gulp. Niall turns around and looks at me, just as I take down another gulp. His eyes go wide, and he immediatly pulls over. Crap, he caught me. I think to myself. I was frozen in fear of what he'd say, I couldn't move. He hopped out of the car and runs over to my door, grabs the bottle out of my hand, and chucks it outside, and it shatters. "What the hell are you thinking?" He shouts with rage. "You shouldn't be drinking that shit! Especialy because of how young your are!" He yells. A tear falls down my cheek. Guilt floods through me, and the fact that Niall was yelling at me, scared me. I pull my knee's to my chest and start sobbing. He calms down a bit and sits by me. "Ok, where did you get that, and why were you drinking it?" He asked, bringing himself down from yelling. "I-I stole it at the airport," I cry, stuttering. "You stole it?" He asked, getting mad again. I go back to sobbing. He beraths out deeply, and put his face in his hands. "I have a feeling taking care of you is going to be harder than I thought," He sighs. "Niall, I-I'm s-sorry. A-at least I'm s-still alive," I cry to him. "What do you mean?" He asks, taking his head out of his hands, and looking at me confused. I take a deep breath in and sigh. "Dad really is a bad guy Niall. He beats me, and-" I couldn't finish, I went back to crying. He pulls me close to him, in a deep hug. "I'm not sure If I should be mad at you, or feel sorry," He sighs. "Just take care of me," I cry. He nodds his head. "I will, don't worry," He sighs. He picks me up, and puts me in the front seat of the car. He gets in on his side, and goes back to driving us home. "Just promise me you won't do that again," He says, in a sort of statement sort of question. I nod my head, agreeing. "I'm sorry," I cry.

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