Niall's Little Sister

Niall Horan from the famous boy band One Direction, has a younger, 13 year old sister. Austin isn't super happy that her brother if famous. They use to sit at the piano, and make up songs together, but now he's always off on tour. There Mom passed away in a car crash about two years after Niall joined One Direction, and now there Dad is so depressed, he drinks the rest of his life away. Austin can barely stand her life, and decides to take some of her Dad's money, and fly to London, where Niall is living in a mansion with the rest of the boys. This is the story of Austin's life, and how she struggles to survive it.


5. Chapter #4 Getting There



           Austin's P.O.V.


                  We get to Niall's house and go inside. He shows me to the guest room, and I immediately lay down in the bed. Niall sits down by me, and sets a hand on my shoulder. I wince, and pull away. "Oh, uh, sorry," He says. A tear trickles down my cheek, and I lift my sleeve so he could see why I had winced in pain. A big gash in my shoulder, put a shocked look on his face. "Dad did it with a broken beer bottle last week," I sigh. A tear then falls down his cheek. "I should have listened to you, I should have come and gotten you sooner, I'm sorry, I really am," He apologizes. I don't reply. "What if dad finds out where I am? What if he comes to get me?" I ask worried. "Well, then I'll take you two to court so I can fight for custody. Dad shouldn't be your rightful guardian anymore. He's broken quiet a few laws that I should be able to adopt you pretty easy," His words bring a small smile to my face. "Lets go down stairs and get you some food, your a lot skinner than I remember, and it's really unhealthy," He says, picking me up bridal style and carries me downstairs. He sets me down, up to the table, and starts looking through the cupboards. A curly haired boy walks in the room. "Who's this?" He asks with a smile. I stand up and run, and try hid in the corner of the kitchen. I curl up in a little ball, and watch him. He's confused, and slightly hurt. "It's ok Ausy. He's not gonna hurt you," Niall says, walking over to me. He holds my hands and pulls me up. "Ausy, this is Harry, Harry, this is Austin," Niall introduces. I give him a small, fake smile. "Nice to meet you Austin," Harry says. "Niall, can I go back to my room?" I ask him. Niall nods his head, "Yah, I'll be up with you in a minute," He says. I smile, and ran up to my room.


            Niall's P.O.V.


                     "What was that all about?" Harry asks confused, once Ausy left the room. "She's uh, had a ruff time back at home,and she can't stay there anymore so, she's staying with us, and she's going to have a hard time getting comfortable here," I reply. He nods his head. "Ok," He grabs a glass of milk, then leaves.

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