Niall's Little Sister

Niall Horan from the famous boy band One Direction, has a younger, 13 year old sister. Austin isn't super happy that her brother if famous. They use to sit at the piano, and make up songs together, but now he's always off on tour. There Mom passed away in a car crash about two years after Niall joined One Direction, and now there Dad is so depressed, he drinks the rest of his life away. Austin can barely stand her life, and decides to take some of her Dad's money, and fly to London, where Niall is living in a mansion with the rest of the boys. This is the story of Austin's life, and how she struggles to survive it.


7. Chap. #7



             Austin's P.O.V.


                       I wake up, and I hear a steading beeping? I open my eyes, and see I'm in a hospital. I look over at Niall, who's sitting in a chair right next to me. "Why am I here?" I ask him. "Once you blacked out, the police suggested it. Between every thing they had heard you talking about, and all the - uh - cuts, and bruises on you, they figured it was a good idea," He explains. "They think I'm mental, don't they? I'm going to juvy still, huh?" I ask, a tear falling down my cheek. "No! No! There letting you off. They want to talk to you once you're healthy again. They want to know what Dad's done to you, so they can arrest him," He states. I nod my head. "I'm sorry Niall. I didn't mean to steal. I just want to forget! I'm really sorry Niall. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a bitch, and an, ass ho-" Niall cuts me off. "No. It's not your fault. Don't blame it on yourself. Don't say that," He says quickly. He wipes my tears. "Would you be ok if we brought you to a therapist?" He asks. "No. You do think I'm crazy. Don't you?" I ask. "No! Not that kind. The kind that will help you through hard times. Not to help you forget the past, but help you learn to move on from that," He says. I nod my head. "I'll think about it," I say. "Niall, am I really what dad says I am?" I ask him. "What does dad say you are?" he wonders. "A whore," I start crying. "No, your far from it," he says. He wipes my tears, and hugs me.


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