Niall's Little Sister

Niall Horan from the famous boy band One Direction, has a younger, 13 year old sister. Austin isn't super happy that her brother if famous. They use to sit at the piano, and make up songs together, but now he's always off on tour. There Mom passed away in a car crash about two years after Niall joined One Direction, and now there Dad is so depressed, he drinks the rest of his life away. Austin can barely stand her life, and decides to take some of her Dad's money, and fly to London, where Niall is living in a mansion with the rest of the boys. This is the story of Austin's life, and how she struggles to survive it.


6. Chap# 6



           Austin's P.O.V.


                    I wake up, and smile. I'm glad to be in a safe place. But at the same time, now that I'm safe, I don't know why, but all my memories, from everything dad has ever done, is flushing back into my head, and it hurts. It's days like today I wish a had tons of beer, just to drown myself in it, and forget everything. I know I promised Niall I wouldn't, but I need to, memories hurt too much! I stand up, a bit shaky, and walk downstairs. I look in his fridge, just to see if there was any in there, but unsuprisingly, there wasn't. I walk outside, and start walking to the nearest store. It's like 5:00 in the morning, so everyone is still sleeping, so they won't find out. I keep on walking down the big city streets, and make it to a big store, alot like Wal-Mart. I walk around, untill I reach the fridge section, and find the place where they keep the beer. I grab a packet, and start to walk away. I keep looking around me, to see if anyone would notice. I see the doors to the store, and head straight for them, picking up my pace. "Hey! She's stealing!" I man says. I turn around, and see a man telling a security guard, that I'm stealing. I flush of fear, and bolt! An alarm goes off as I run out the doors. Two security guards are chasing after me, as I run down the street, back towards Niall's house. I keep on running, the gaurds had caught up to me, and grabbed my wrist. The hand-cuff my hands around my back, taking the beer packet from me. "Your in big trouble missy!" One of them shout at me. "What would you be doing with beer young lady?" The other asks me. A tear falls down my cheek, and another one follows. I don't anwser him. They take me back to the store, and bring me inside of a room in the back of the store, and uncuff me. "Who's your gaurdian?" The security gaurd named Johnathan, asks me. "Please don't call him, please, I'll be in so much trouble," I beg. "You already are in trouble, and you'll be in more trouble if you don't tell us who your gaurdian is," He says. "It's Niall, Niall Horan," I say. He chuckles. "That's what every girl wishes," He says. "No, he really is," I say. He laughs, "Ok, what's his phone number?" He asks, still not believing me. I tell him the number, and he calls him. "Niall Horan?____Yah, this is officer Jones._______No, you didn't do anything, it's... what's your name kid?" He asks me. "Austin," I groan. "It's Austin, she was trying to steal a pack of beer. Could you please come pick her up, so I can have a talk with the both of you?___________ Yah, it's thg big store Towns Goods, at the end of 5th street__________ Ok, thanks you sir____Ok, good-bye," He hangs up. "Well kid, looks like Niall really is your gaurdian. Is he your brother or something?" He asks. I nod. "Now, why were yous stealing beer?" He asks. I start crying, when I think about my reason. "I get your guilty, but why'd you steal it?" He asks again. "I-I, I-I don't want to talk about it," I stutter. "Your going to have to, I'm not giving you a choice," He says. "I'm not saying a word," I demand. "Fine, I'll wait till your brother gets hear, but then you have to talk," He demands. I nod my head. We sit in silents, untill about fifteen minutes go passed, and Niall walks in the room. I look up at him, guilty, scared, and sad. "Austin, you promised me you wouldn't!" He demands, anger, but a bit softly. "She's done this before?" The police asks him. He sighs, "Yah, she has. She stole some a a day or two ago, she took it from a man at the airport. I figured I wouldn't tell, and I'd let it go, because she promised me she wouldn't do it again, but I see she lied," Niall says, looking at me, mad. "Niall, I had to! I have to go rid of the memories, of everything," I cry. The gaurd is confused. "Austin, you have to talk to me about them. If you get it out, maybe it'll be easier for you to forget. Maybe we need to go to a theripist," He sighs. "Please, no," I beg. "I'll let you two talk for a little bit. I'll be back in in a few minutes," The man says, and him and the other one leave the room. Once they leave, I break down crying. Niall sits on the couch next to me. "Austin, beer isn't a solution to get rid of the past. It'll make you forget for a couple hours at the most, but, it won't hid it forever," He states. "I-I kn-know," I cry. "Austin, you could go to Juvy for this," He says. "I know!" I shout. I curl up into a ball, hugging my knee's. "Austin, it's not ok to steal, or drink. If you have a problem, you can talk to me about it, you don't have to drink it away, your only 13," He says, trying to stay calm, and trying to keep me calm. "But you don't understand! You weren't beaten! You weren't burned! You weren't called a bitch, and an asshole, and a cunt, everyday for two freakin' years!" I shout at him. "While I was stealing beer for dad, starving to death, being beaten, and being enslaved, you were singing on stage, hanging out with your stupid fans, in a luxurious house!" I shout. He scoots closer to me, and hugs me. "Ausy, you know I never meant any of this to happen, I just want us to move on, to be happy, and forget what dad's done," He says, holding my fragile body, close to his warm, strong one. "Why is everything so dark?" I ask, then I black out,"

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