Niall's Little Sister

Niall Horan from the famous boy band One Direction, has a younger, 13 year old sister. Austin isn't super happy that her brother if famous. They use to sit at the piano, and make up songs together, but now he's always off on tour. There Mom passed away in a car crash about two years after Niall joined One Direction, and now there Dad is so depressed, he drinks the rest of his life away. Austin can barely stand her life, and decides to take some of her Dad's money, and fly to London, where Niall is living in a mansion with the rest of the boys. This is the story of Austin's life, and how she struggles to survive it.


1. Chap. #1



          Austin's P.O.V.


                    I lied there in bed and cried. "Niall, why can't you be here?" I whispered to myself, as if he'd hear me. Ever sense Mom passed away, and Niall became famous, Dad started drinking his life away, and now I'm pretty much alone. I dont have friends, only girls trying to use me to meet Niall. "Get down here you little bitch!" My Dad yelled, from dowstairs, probably wanting me to go to the store to get him some more beer. I got out of my bed and ran downstairs. "Yah Dad?" I asked, being as brave as I could. He is a tough, intimidating man, that completly over powers me. "I'm outa beer, go get me some more." He barked. I nodded my head, and ran out the door. I keep his wallet in my pocket at all times, knowing I'm the only one who uses it, and only to get stuff for him. I started walking down the street, bare foot. When my Dad wants beer, he wants it a.s.a.p. or else he'll beat me. I saw a payphone and decided to make a quick call to Niall. Tears streamed down my cheeks, as I picked up the phone, and put in a quarter. All I wanted, was for Niall to be here with me, to give me a reason to be brave, and protect me from Dad.  I dialed Nialls number, and it started ringing. "Hello?" Niall's Irish voice asked. "Hey Niall, it's me, Austin. Please come home as soon as you can. Dads really scaring me. I dont know how much longer I can take living with him." I cried,  my voice, shaky and husky. "Austin, are you crying?" He asked confused. "Yes, just please come home I need you." I begged. "I can't, I'm on tour. Our schedule is super tight, I won't have enough time to stop by the house till the tour is over," He replied. "But Niall, I need you. I-I'm scared Dad's going t-to hurt me again," I whimpered. "What do you mean again? Sorry Ausy, I have to go, I'm gonna be late for an interview," He said. "But Ni-" The line went dead. I hung up the phone, and even more tears, flowed down my pail, clod, cheeks. I started walking down the street, towards the small gas station, to pick up some more beer. At least I got to hear his voice, at least I got to hear him call me by the nickname he gave me, Ausy. I walked into the gas station, and grabbed a pack of beer, and crawled towards the check out counter, and  when no one was looking, tossed the money on the counter and snuck out. I'm not legally aloud to buy beer, sense I'm under age. But, I have to get it, so I sneak it out, but I still pay for it, so I don't feel like I'm stealing. I started walking back home, when an idea came to me. There is an airport about 5 miles from here, if I leave now, with my Dads wallet as all I've got, I could make it to the airport, and fly to Wolver Hampton, in London, and stay with Niall. I dropped the packet of beer, and ran off in the opposite direction. I started running towards the airport, as fast as I could. If I was going to do this, I have to leave as soon as I can, and before my Dad sobers up enough to come and find me.

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