Don't Call Me Helpless (a star trek fanfiction)

"you didn't help me, I say and in my book that's a good thing because most people want to help me with everything that I do because they think I'm helpless but you let me be independent"
Michelle Davidson is just like any other young woman in the world, only she has a neurological condition called Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy which means that when she was born she suffered mild brain damage that caused her muscles in her legs to become stiff and turn in all directions so when she walks she has to where braces to keep her legs straight so that she doesn't loose her balance and fall down. She has grown up her entire life hating everyone she meets because everyone has taken pity on her and called her helpless, including her own parents. But one night she meets a man who will change her life forever. Captain James T Kirk. Can Kirk get her out of her insecure shell and so her what I truly means to love?


1. Looks Though Different Eyes

I sat there. Starring blankly at the wall across from my seat like I've done, like I probably will always do for the rest of my life. Just stare at things. Then that when I turned and he was sitting there. A guy, and a rather attractive one at that, about two years older than me and why did I get the feeling I knew exactly who he was? He sticks his hand out to me and I assume he wants me to shake it, but why would he want to I'm disabled for god's sake! But then I figure what the hell, I'll probably scare him off anyway. So I take it. I'm Jim. Jim Kirk he says, now I know exactly were I know him from. Lenard McCoy of course! He's only the most outstanding doctor that's ever lived and Jim is the captain of the USS enterprise, were he works and it's my life's dream to be just like him. A doctor. I fight the urge to start screaming like the fangirl manic I am and say, I'm Michelle. Michelle Davidson. Nice name he says so uh... What do you... Here I comes I think the question that always turns a guy away, the question that I wished I'd never have to answer. I figured I'd just beat him to it and rip it off, like a bandaid stuck to an open wound so I fake laugh and say, it's called spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. Then to my amasment, he says I have know idea what you just said but you said it cute, so you have my attention. I start at him, my eyes locked on his face, did he just say what I think he said? I blush, I didn't mean to I just did, guys NEVER look at me like he just did not even my own father. Sorry I say my voice cracking guys usually don't well... Talk to me that much... Well I don't see why they wouldn't he replies. He smiles at me and I realize that when he's did my pulse probably dubbled. you ever hear of the Starship Enterprise? He asks. I try to not let all of the emotions I have spill over but I can't help myself so I say, of course I have! Lenard McCoy is a genius! He- Then I stop myself. Great Michelle, I think if you wanted him to leave you've done it now! So shyly I say, I'm guessing you know I want to be a doctor huh? But instead of walking away he just casually says, well I do now. Maybe you should come see the ship sometime. Meet my friends. Of course I do! It's only been my dream since I was seven years old! But I decided to keep a straight face so I just say sure! That's be great! we could go see the ship now if you want to he says ok I say and, as gracefully as I try to be I get up out of my chair and again I let my personal emotions spill over myself and I exclaim hey! I like you already. He looks at me. Stunned. Huh? I decide to explain my preferences you didn't help me, I say and in my book that's a good thing because most people want to help me with everything that I do because they think I'm helpless but you I can tell are going to be a really good friend because YOU let me be independent be laughs then smiles at me, the same smile that makes my heart beat faster, I think we'll get along great! He takes my had and leads me out the door, out into the unknown if whatever this is. But for some reson, I feel ok with him like he will protect me if something bad ever happened. Why did I get the feeling my life was about to change forever?

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