Don't Call Me Helpless (a star trek fanfiction)

"you didn't help me, I say and in my book that's a good thing because most people want to help me with everything that I do because they think I'm helpless but you let me be independent"
Michelle Davidson is just like any other young woman in the world, only she has a neurological condition called Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy which means that when she was born she suffered mild brain damage that caused her muscles in her legs to become stiff and turn in all directions so when she walks she has to where braces to keep her legs straight so that she doesn't loose her balance and fall down. She has grown up her entire life hating everyone she meets because everyone has taken pity on her and called her helpless, including her own parents. But one night she meets a man who will change her life forever. Captain James T Kirk. Can Kirk get her out of her insecure shell and so her what I truly means to love?


2. Childhood Hero

Kirk led me onto the ship and even though I should have beem focused on how many medical discoveries had been made on this ship alone and that I should be thinking of a long 'thank you for alowing me to do this beause it's been my dream for as long as I can remember' speech to give him, I just couldn't. Those last four words he said to me kept boucing around in my head and I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe, out of some maraclous chance, he actually ment them. 'We'll get along great.' No one, not ONE guy in the history of the universe, has ever told me that he likes me, well not diliberately anyway. I mean sure, I'd had a few dates here and there, but most of them I would just pourposefully go out with a random guy that I met somewhere at somepoint just to get out of the house away from my parents, who were convinsed that I couldn't do anything for myself. I shuddered at the memories of my food being cut for me, having my makeup being put on, and the persistence on helping me bathe then, Kirk breaks my thoughts. "So I was thinking before I give you a tour myself, I'd like you to meet someone but first you have to promise me you won't go all 'oh my god I'm your biggest fan' on him, alright" I stare at him, shocked. Does he really think I'm that much of a loser? He must have seen the look on my face because he put his hands up in surrender "Woah sorry, I didn't mean to piss you off." "No it's alright, I have a bad habit of thinking the worst of things" my voice trailing off knowing I've done it all my life. "Well would you like to go in now" he asks, holding the medical unit door open. And as soon as I walk in I immediately pause, there sitting comfortably in a roll chair and staring aimlessly at a microscope, was Lenard McCoy- THE Lenard McCoy. "Bones come out of your hiding spot for a second there's someone here I'd like you to meet" says Kirk placing a hand on my back. "Jim, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm NOT your wingman and you can't use your own ship it pick up women! I'll meet her, but this is the last-" he stops in mid sentence and looks up, straight at me. "Well hello, who do we have here?" "This is Michelle, she likes all of that crazy brain science that you like too" Kirk says gesturing toward me. McCoy get up out of his chair "well does she now" he says as he walks toward me and extends his hand, I take it. "Michelle Davidson" I say, he doesn't take his eyes off me, not for a second. "You inspired me to be a doctor, ever since I was fourteen I collected ever journal you ever published in a black binder and I framed my favorite neurology ones around my room in picture frames. Everyone I knew, including my parents, called me crazy but I didn't care because I wanted to be just like you" I say. "Spastic Diplegia?" he asks. "Yes sir, caused by premature birth at 23 weeks and not enough oxygen to cerebellum, or the part of the brain that controls muscle movements" I cover my mouth, my face red from embarrassment. "Look at me" he says sternly "NEVER be embarrassed of your knowledge, do your understand?" "The medical felid was not made for everyone to understand, if everyone understood it then we'd all be doctors so don't you try to shy away from it, embrace it. Oh, and call me Bones." I look at him stunned, trying to comprehend what he just said. "I'll tell you what, since you seem so very passionate about my job, how about I tell you become me intern? I'm working on a project for steam cell treatment for paralysis without taking the cells from a fertilized egg, maybe you'd like to help with it?" "But it's all up to the captain of course" he says grinning at Kirk. I stand there, shocked did I just here him right? I try to respond but all that comes out is a few sputters. "I think she's trying to form the word yes" Kirk says grinning "I dunno Jim, maybe she needs a few days to think about it" says Bones grinning back. I frantically shake me head no trying to make them understand. They laugh at my reaction. "Well in that case" says Bones and to my surprise, he takes the silver pin off of his bright blue shirt and places it into my palm, closing my fingers around it, "welcome to the family."

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