I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


7. Present Day & 12 Years Before

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle






Chapter 6






~Present Day & 12 Years Before~






*PRESENT DAY AND TIME* -After The Wedding-






*Paulina's POV*


A small smile escaped my lips as my long fingers grasped onto the paper airplane that laid still on my neck for seventeen years. Every detail from that day stayed clear into my mind. From him putting the silver necklace around my neck to him staying with me after my birthday party. Neither of us knew that one day we would be getting married, married to each other.


The long white train of my dress was jumbled up together as I continued to sit down on the black leather seats of the limo. My other free hand stayed firmly held in my husbands hands.




My husband.


I couldn't believe it. 20 years ago I met a five year old Harry and now we were married with each other. The fact that my best friend was all mine couldn't wrap around my head. We never knew we had these strong feelings for each other when we were younger, who knew? Our mums would make constant jokes about how we would get married one day and fall in love with each other. I guess I never knew how right they actually were in the end.


"I love you." a husky voice whispered into my ear, taking me by surprise


Immediately I felt my heart flutter on the spot. Even after hearing those three words, over and over again more than millions of times, I still get the same reaction. My whole body starts to tingle as goosebumps form on my skin and my whole heart melts but yet flutters at the same time. The feeling of being in love is......amazing.


"I love you." I commented back before I felt a pair of lips start to nibble on my ear


"Soon we'll get time alone and I can peel that dress off you Mrs.Styles." he whispered lowly into my ear between nibbles


I felt the heat rise in my cheeks as I rewinded his words in my head. Even though I should be smacking his arm in reply I couldn't. He just called me Mrs.Styles. Mrs.Styles, my nickname since forever but, this time it was different.


Mrs.Styles was actually my name now.




~12 Years Before~


*Paulina's POV*


Five years later we are still best friends, still have each others necklaces around our necks, our tokens of our strong friendship. 


People at school know about how close we are. After that birthday party at my house we walked together to school, hand in hand with our silver necklaces by our sides. No one could say anything when they first saw us, shock and disbelief on their faces. They couldn't believe that a girl and boy were 'touching' each other.


No one spoke to us for six whole months until the 'cooties' phase finally passed.


Not like it mattered anyway. We still had each other and didn't need anyone else.


We lost our other friends during that six months but, got them back after they realised how stupid they were acting. To tell you the truth I was happier when I had Harry all to myself. When we both had no one else but each other, it was nice. 


But, now we were both twelve years old. Time flies when you are happy with your life. Harry helped me forget a lot of unwanted thing in my past.....like him. He who shall not be mentioned. He left me and hasn't bothered once to come and see me so honestly I want nothing to do with his existence. I want to rip him from my memories and make it like he never stepped one foot on my life. Even if he was part of the reason why I'm here on Earth, I don't care. 


"Hey Paulina.....I have a question....." I hear a familiar voice say


I blink my blue eyes rapidly, getting my thoughts out of my own world and bringing them back to reality. The familiar voice ended up being Jade.


"Ya?" I ask before munching on the carrots in a ziplock bag


"So you and Harry.....are just like friends right?" a weird grin planted on her face


"Best friends you mean." I say after I swallowed my food


"Ya, ya, whatever. But you guy are nothing else, right?" she asked curiously


"Ya, why?" I question


Her eyes lit up like fireworks as she listened to the words that came out of my mouth. It was weird. I didn't understand why she wanted to know.


"No reason....."she trailed off innocently before bending her head down at her sandwich 




"I kinda of hmmm hmm." she mumbled the last few words


"Jade, speak up." I say suddenly very interested on what she had to say


"I kind of......."


"Jade spit it out!" I shout slightly, a carrot held in my right hand


"Have a crush on him." she said super fast but not fast enough


The carrot that was once in my hand fell to the floor with a soft thud. My blue eyes go wide as I keep on hearing the same words in my head.


'Crush on him.'


'Crush on him.'


'Crush on him.'


"Paulina? Are you ok?" Jade asked worriedly 


I quickly snap out of thought and smiled slightly before nodding in response. "So....you like Harry." I say trying to make a conversation


"Ya I do...."


"Do you think he likes you too?" I blurt, reaching for another carrot


"Honestly I don't know." she sighed sadly


"I hope he does though." she continued


"What do you hope he does?" Trinity says softy as she plops herself on the chair in front of us


"N-nothing we were just talking about how Johnny Depp hopes his new movie is going to be buzzing." Jade said quickly, giving me a 'please don't tell' look


"I bet it will! Johnny Depp is amazing!" Trinity said a bit louder, a shy smile playing on her lips


"Ya that's what I think too." I smile back weakly 


Jade starts up a conversation about how Johnny Depp is her favourite actor as I go off in my own world. Her words kept on replaying in my head as I swallowed remain of a carrot down my throat. It felt weird that she had a crush on my best friend. So many thoughts swam around my head as I thought about what could happen if they do end up dating.


Would me and Harry still be best friends?


Will our relationship stay the same?


Will we be as close?


Even as twelve year olds we dated people. Some lasted for days and hours while some lasted for months and weeks. Jade was the girl who had two boyfriends already and they both lasted for six months. Something her and Harry would probably go through if they did end up going out.


'How do you feel about this Paulina?' a small voice in the back of my head asked


Honestly, I don't know. A part of me is filled with happiness for Jade while another is filled with pure anger. I wanted Jade to go after who she liked. She would probably get him anyway, she's gorgeous! All the guys practically drool over her.


Even though I was happy for her, another part of me was incredibly angry. 


Do I know why?




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