I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


12. 9 Years Before

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle




Chapter 13




9 Years Before




*Paulina's POV*

I didn't listen to Harry. After Math I went looking for him, for Gabe. Maybe he needed someone to walk home with. Or maybe he needed help finding his last class? Whatever it was, I felt like after Harry's rude words, I should do the opposite outcome of them. He doesn't want me to hang around Gabe? Well watch me Harry.

He said he had Art before so, I find myself lingering around 120B, the Art room. With my textbook in hand, I had Geography next, all the way on the other side of the building. One of the classes I had with Harry.

"Paulina?" a voice caught me off guard in my thoughts

I blinked a few times to return to reality to see Gabe standing in front of me. "Gabe! Hey!" I practically shouted, not meaning to

"What'cha doing here?" his mouth formed into a smile, showing a set of dimples that I didn't seem to realize were there before

"I was just wondering if you uh, need some help to get to your next class?" my voice came out of sort of a squeak, something I would sometimes do when I was lying. That wasn't really the real reason why I was doing this.

"Actually, I do. Mr.Harris didn't really seem to like me when I first entered the Art room so I didn't feel like I should ask him." Gabe chuckled, talking a few steps towards me

"Ya Mr.Harris usually hates everyone. Don't take it personally." I couldn't help but laugh, it was true

"So I was Geography next. Can you tell me where that is?" Gabe pulled out his schedule from his back pocket, showing me that he indeed had Geography last period

"I actually have that class next too! You can just follow me!" a fairly large smile formed on my face as I turned around to the hallway that would lead us to the right direction

"Awesome. Will this teacher be any better than Mr.Harris?" he questioned as we started to make our way to the classroom

"Yes but, this one is boring. I almost fall asleep even though it last class. Ms. Trin is nice but, her teaching is absolutely horrid." I comment honestly, talking a right as he followed behind me in my trail

"Are all the teachers mean and boring?" his voice filled with sarcasm

"Yes and for lunch the mean teachers like to put the naughty kids and eat them." I joked, seeing Ms.Trin's name next to a door indicating that, that was her classroom

"So if one day I don't see you around I can just assume that you've been eaten by Mr.Harris?" a smirk was prominent on his face

"Hey! I'm not a bad student!" I poked Gabes arm with my finger stopping, and turning around to give him my best pouty face I could manage

"I'll beg to differ." Gabe chuckled as we started walking again

"Piss off!" I laughed as we entered the Geography room

"Ah! Paulina, you're actually early today!" Ms.Trin smiled widely at me as she spotted me enter

"Ms.Trin, I am usually early!"

"Hmhm. Should I take a look at our attendance chart in my hand?" Ms.Trin waved a clipboard in the air

"Nah, I think we're good." I giggled as I see Ms.Trin take notice in the male next to me

"Ah! And you must be Gabriel!" Ms.Trin came rushing over towards us, stepping in front of Gabe and sticking out her hand as a polite greeting

"I go by Gabe if that's alright." Gabe smiled, taking his hand in hers

"That's perfectly fine. I'm Ms.Trin. You may take a seat anywhere you like Gabe." Ms.Trin let go, and pointed at the empty seats, we were the first ones here

Ms.Trin went back to her desk in search for a pencil as I made my way to my usual seat, the third to last row in the back. "Just so you know, I'm going to sit next to you." Gabe's voice appeared to the right of me, as I saw him place his new textbook on the desk he now sat in

"Oh. I was kinda hoping you would sit somewhere else." I stuck my tongue out at him to show I was joking

Other kids started to pile and started to fill in the empty seats as we continued to joke around about the seating. It was nice to actually talk to someone in this class. I only had Harry and we didn't talk as much like I said before. We continued to talk until the late bell rung, indicating that class would now start.

"All right class! It's the last period of the day and I know you all are excited but, please bare with me and open your textbooks to page four hundred fifty t-" Ms.Trin started to talk just as the front door and the familiar curls came into view, Harry

"Ah, Mr.Styles please take a seat." Ms.Trin commented before she continued on with her lesson

I didn't pay much attention to Ms.Trin as I watched Harry make his way all the way to the last row and sit in his usual seat. We never talked to each other in this class and we never sat next to each other anymore. I could tell we were drifting apart and I felt like there was nothing I could do about it.

My eyes fell back onto my open textbook as they found the text that Ms.Trin was reading off of. We would be reading the whole section for the rest of class. Yup, I was definitely going to fall asleep.

Fifteen minutes into class, my eyes grew heavy and almost became shut until I felt a crumbled up ball of paper hit my head. Opening it up, I recognized it as a note.

I see what you mean as boring. I am about to fall asleep.


I couldn't help but smile at the letter as I looked at the new student next to me as he winked at me, the same grin plastered on his face just like mine. Grabbing my pencil, I scribbled a reply.

Ya, I was about to take a snooze, but some annoying kid threw a letter at me. :P


Tossing the paper back at him, I watched as he softly chuckled before grabbing his pen and jotting something down, throwing the paper back at me.

No need to call that kid annoying. He has feelings you know! What's up with the M? I thought your name was Paulina.


M- Montgomery, my last name. I like my last name.


So should I start calling you M from now on?


I guess.


I got a question for you M.


And that is...


Wanna walk home together after school? I need a walking buddy and so far I've only made one friend today. Oh and who is that dude that keeps staring at you in the back?


My eyes left the paper as I read the last sentence, turning around to meet green eyes. Harry. He was staring at us with straight face and a thin line formed on his lips.

Yes! I'll walk home with you, I need a buddy to walk with too. Oh and that's just Harry,ignore him.


I quickly add 'he's got problems.' onto the note and tossed it back to Gabe, who quickly replied back.


"Ok class! I want you to answer the questions on the last page of this section for homework! I expect all of you to have this turned in by tomorrow! Have a great afternoon!" Ms.Trin exclaimed as she dismissed all of us from her class

Gabe and me walked side by side as we left the class. I could sense Harry behind as we started to talk. He'd been staring at us for the whole class period and I didn't know why. What was his problem with Gabe? He did nothing wrong.

"I'll meet you at your locker M. Then we can walk home." Gabe stated, walking away and heading in the direction of his locker as I started to walk towards mine

Getting to my locker was a hassle, considering that all the student just wanted to leave so it was a complete rampage. I waited until half of the wild students were gone before I actually made it to my locker. Putting in my combination, I quickly shoved in all my stuff into my backpack and slammed the door closed, resting my back against the lockers as I waited for Gabe.

"So your walking with him now?" a low voice caught my attention as I fumbled with the straps of my bag

Turning to meet the voice, I lock eyes with Harry who stared at me decisively.

"Yes, why do you care?" I shrug, turning around to see if Gabe was anywhere near by. He wasn't.

"Damn it Paulina! I told you to stay away from him." Harry seethed

"Whats your problem Harry! Go and smack faces with your girlfriend for god sake's and just leave me alone!" I yelled, walking away and heading to the loo just so I could get rid of him

I stayed in there for some minutes before I decided to go back, hoping he wasn't there. Crossing my fingers, I stick my head out of the loo door and checked for familiar curls. When I took notice that the coast was clear, I went back to my locker and leaned against it, continuing to wait for Gabe.

Less than a second later, I saw Gabe appear with a black bag in hand. "Lets get out of here." Gabe stated, heading his way towards the front doors of the school building

Jogging to catch up with him, I settle next to him and am able to keep a good pace to keep up. "So where do you live?" Gabe started to make conversation as we hopped down the brick stairs when we made it down the stairs

"I live really close about five to ten minutes away. It's not that-"

"HEY WAIT UP!" a voice shouted as we almost crossed the road that would take us off school property

We both turned around to see a running Harry making his way towards us, his backpack hopping up and down behind him as he made his way towards us. "Thanks for waiting." Harry smiled when he finally caught up


"What are you doing Harry?" I ask, my eyebrow raising

"Isn't it obvious? I'm walking home with you like I do everyday." Harry smirked, meeting his green eyes with Gabe's brown ones

"You must be Trabe." Harry snickered, completely lying through his teeth. He knew what this guys name was.

"Gabe. It's Gabe and who are you?" Gabe questioned, standing there awkwardly

"I'm Harry." Harry's gaze moved to mine

"Paulina's best friend."





I've seen that a lot of you have been adding this fanfic to your reading list and I'll just like to say OMG THANK YOU!!! ILY GUYS!!

Just out of curiosity- I would like to see where my readers are coming from! Comment what country you live in!!!

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