I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


11. 9 Years Before


I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle










Chapter 12










9 Years Before









*Paulina's POV*



"Harry baby! I had so much fun last night!" Jade squeled, looping her arm around MY best friend



"Me too." Harry beamed back at his 'girlfriend'






"I can't believe we got the whole house to ourselves! It's a good thing cause then I wouldn't be able to do this." she leaned in, smothering her lips on his






Wrapping her arm around his torso, she pushed herself agaisnt him. He kissed back promptly.






Tongue action was shown clearly for the whole canteen to see. I'm surprised that he hasn't gaged at thing rammed down his throat.






"Guys! Keep the PDA down please! I actaully want to enjoy my lunch." Trinity yells, covering her eyes



It's been one year since Jade and I's incident in the bathroom and yes, they are still dating. We've all grown a year older and I am still single but, not my best friend of course. Trinity has gained some courage from somewhere and is now known as the loudest person ever, brave too. The only person who I don't really talk to anymore is no one other than yes, Harry. 



"Sorry, sorry. Can't I enjoy some PDA with my girlfriend?" Harry smirks, pulling away from their 'beloved' kiss






I could see a bit of a spit line as they pulled away. Gag. This is why I shouldn't sit at this table anymore. All they did was snogg. It was disgusting.



"No but, not infront of me and your best friend." Trinity shoves me a little with her elbow, causing me to jump a little and crack a fake little smile



"Am I right Paulina?" Trinity smirked, knowing fully well the answer



It felt like it was the first time in a year that I felt his eyes burning into my back as Trinity called me out. I didn't talk much anymore around them. It was just too weird. I didn't really have much to talk to Harry without worrying 24/7 if Jade feels like I like Harry. She's already accused me of that five times in the past 2 months that I had a secret crush. 



Which of course I don't.



"Ya sure. What ever you say T." I say, looking only at her



"Good." she smirks as I feel Harry's eyes leaving mine



Even though there was still ten minutes left of free period to eat, I got up from my seat and threw away my lunch. I wanted to be somewhere quite and I knew exactly the place in this school. The garden.



Half way through the year our school finally managed to add a garden. It was peaceful. Not many people went there at all. Just after school to work on it to make sure it was healthy. 



Walking on the mulch, I walk onto the fallen tree that layed on the ground. It's hollow log was perfect for me to balance on as I crossed it. Humming an old Pink Floyd tune, I twirl a little as I walk back across the log. It was nice, having quitness fill my surrondings.



"I like that song too." a masculine voice interrupted my thoughts



Jerking my head towards the voice, a boy with blonde hair came into view. Torn up skinny jeans, black shirt, and black high tops were what he wore as he walked over to me. 



"Me too. I hadn't heard it in forever on the radio until today." I shrugg, plopping myself down onto the edge of the log



"It's too cool for the radio I guess." he chuckles at his lame joke as I cover my mouth in laugher



"I'm Gabe." he said once I calmed down



"Paulina." I smile at him. He seemed nice.



"So whats a girl like you doing here all by yourself?" he asks, looking around at the garden



"Just needed to get away from all that." I gesture my hands at the school, faint yells could be heard doing so



"Me too. Sometimes I just like being by myself, alone in thought." he comments, smiling at me



He had brown eyes I realized. It was rare here, blonde hair and brown eyes. It's cool though.



"Ya, its nice." I smile back, hearing the bell ring, indicating that it was time to go to class



"I'll walk you back." he tells me, getting up from the log and holds his hands out to me



Considering that we just met, he's really nice.



"Thanks." I murmered to him as we walk back



"No problem. It was good to talk to someone on my first day." he shrugged, eyeing the school building that was coming closer to view



"I knew I hadn't seen your face around here before!" I exclaim, pointing my free hands finger at him, not 



"Guilty as charged." he smirked



We continue to talk gibberish until we get to my locker. Half of the kids have already gone to class and I personally don't care. I'm usually late for Math anyways.



"We'll I better get going to art." Gabe sighs



"See you around." he adds, taking his hand off mine, me not realizing that we'd been holding hands since he offered me his at the garden



"Bye Gabe." I wave, unlocking my locker



Taking my textbook and binder out, I walk to class. Passing by a familar corner, I felt an arm push me into a closet near by. 



"What the-" I try to say before being cut off



"What the hell was that?!" Harry voice booms over mine



I jump back slightly. Out of all people I didn't expect him to be the one to pull me in here.



Putting my hand on the door knob, I turn it just a crack before its slammed close again. 



"Answer me!" Harry's voice was loud, almost scary



"What do you want Harry?" I snap, out of all times he can choose to talk to me, he chooses now, during classes



"I want to know what was that. That guy." he said, voice sharp as a razor



"This is stupid Harry. I need to get to Math class." I roll my eyes and try to jiggle the door open but, this time his hand is pushing it down, not letting me open it



"Tell me, now." 



"It was nothing Harry!" I say, trying to swat his hand away



"Why was he holding your hand?" he didn't seem to take notice in my actions



"I don't know Harry. We were just holding hands." I shrugg, getting slightly annoyed by him now



"Well I hope its that last time I see you guys together." Harry said suddenly



"What?" I say, dropping my hand as it was about to smack his again 



"I don't want you seeing or being around him anymore." he said slowly, eyes meeting mine



"You can't tell me what to do Harry. You aren't my parent." I narrow my eyes at him



"Just watch me." he snapped before opening the closet door and walking away 

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