I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


2. 20 Years Before

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle




Chapter One




~20 Years Before~




(20 Years Into The Past) Paulina is 5




*Paulina's POV*

"Paulina sweetie, can you come downstairs?" my mum shouted from the kitchen

My 5 year old self hobbled down the carpet stairs and into the kitchen, my pigtails boucing up and down as I did so. I look at my mother to see that in her hand was a batch of freshly made cookies and a bottle of wine.

"What that mummy?" I ask in my babyish voice with curiosity

"It's for our new neighboors honey! Do you want to come with me to give these to them? I heard they had a boy about your age." my mother said slowly for me to understand

"Yes!" I shout excitedly

What can I say? I always love to do stuff with my mum.

"Ok, here you can hold these." my mum said handing me the batch of cookies

The aroma of the cookies filled up my nose as I look down at them. My mouth started to water, I wanted to take one so badly.

"Mummy can I e-" I try to say before I was cut off by my mum


"But mum they won't k-"



"No." my mum said again sturnly

I tired giving her my adorable puppy dog face but, nothing work. A angry gurgle left my mouth as I knew she won and I wasn't getting a cookie.

"Let's go now, Paulina." my mum said, sticking out her hand for me to take

"Ok." I smile before my chubby hand came in contact with hers

I let my mum lead me the way over to our new neighbors as my little legs tried to catch up with her big presence. My blue eyes came in contact with the medium sized red house as we walked down the sidewalk and into the driveway of their house.

"Do you want to ring the doorbell?" my mum looked at me, once we made it on the front porch

I nod slightly before I stood on my tippy-toes and pushed down on the door bell with my small finger. My ears picked up the sound of the tune filling up the house inside. Loud footsteps could be heard from inside the house as we waited. The sound of a door being unlocked sounded before a woman in her early 30's with dark hair and green eyes appeared in the door way.

"Hello!" she smiled happily, her green eyes shining when she did so

"Hello! You must be the new neighbours!" my mum said sticking out her right hand

"Yes! We just moved in! It's a beautiful neighbourhood. My name is Anna by the way." Anna smiled kindly at us

"It's a friendly one too when you get to know everyone around. I'm Diana and this here is-" my mum points at me

"Paulina! My name is Paulina!" I exclaim happily

"Well it's nice to meet you Paulina. How old are you?"

"5." I say proudly

"You know Paulina, I have a son the same age as you. Do you want to meet him? You could maybe show him around?" Anna said willingly

"YES!" I smile happily, I always wanted to meet new people

"Great! Let me just....HARRY!" Anna shouted behind her


I hear the sound of soft thudding come from the stairs before a boy came into view. He had brown curly hair and stunning green eyes.

"Say hello to your new neighbours Harry." his mum gestured to the little boy, hiding nervously behind his mum

"Hello." he said barely above a whisper

"Hi! I'm Paulina!" I shout excitedly, sticking my hand out for him to take

No movement was made from the curl haired boy as he stayed hidden behind his mothers legs. "Harry no need to be shy! Be a gentlemen Harold." Harry's mum scolded slightly

I caught a glimpse of his curls bouncing as he nodded a yes in response before taking my small hand and shaking it, lightly.

"I'm Harry." he said, a little bit louder than before but still barely above a whisper, I'm surprised I could even hear his words

"Come on Harry theres no need to be shy! Paulina is going to show you around the neighbourhood while me and her mum chat for a little bit." Anne commented while pushing the curly haired boy slightly forward

"Ok." he said simply before coming into full view

For a five year old he didn't look bad, not at all. He was actually quite cute actually. Even from his looks I could tell that all the girls would have crushes on him on the first day of Primary school, Year One.

"Now be safe children and Paulina don't let Harry wonder off by himself. He has the tendency of exploring a lot." Anne chuckled slightly

"Mum!" Harry shouted, a lot louder than his usual whispers, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink

"Ok! ok! Now you kids go have fun." Harry's mum shooed us off and out of the house

"So what would you like to see?" I ask, facing the curly head boy

"I don't know." he stated, his head swooped down and facing his black all stars, kicking the gravel beneath us

"I guess I'll just show you everything." I smiled lightly before pulling his hand in mine and chugging him down the sidewalk


The whole walk to our first stop, Harry didn't dare make one comment. His shyness overpowering him as I continued to pull him closer to the building that was our first destination.

"Here we are!" I exclaim, pulling him towards the old a dusty door

"What is this?" he finally spoke, curiosity covering his face

"It's the library! No one comes here though but, I love it." I smile, standing on my tippy-toes as my hand grasped on the doorknob

"I love books." Harry stated, a smile growing on his face for the first time

I opened the door slowly to show a large room filled with piles and piles of books, thick and thin, old and new, covered in dust. When I said no one came into the library, I really meant no one.

"Hello! How can I help you today?" Mrs.Jones, the librarian asked, standing from the wooden desk placed in the corner of the room

"Ah! Paulina! It's good seeing you today!" Mrs.Jones smiled at me, knowing that I usually came here everyday

"And who's did you bring with you today?" she smiled kindly at the sight of the curly head boy

"This is Harry! He just moved down the street from me and mummy!" I clap happily, I did have the tendency to speak for other people but, I didn't think Harry would mind he was so quite

"Well welcome Harry. I think you'll find that you really enjoy Homes Chapel." Mrs.Jones stated before sitting back down at her desk, pulling out a old copy of a book that was always near her reach

My head turned back to where Harry originally stood to find him gone. "Harry?" I spoke loudly

No reply came back to me as I started to walk around the piles of dusty books and tables. "Harry?" I asked again, hoping to get an answer

Again, no reply came as I frantically searched for him in every nook and cranny but was no where to be seen. My mouth opened wide for me to say his name a little louder than last time, knowing that if I lost Harry I would be in huge trouble."HAR-"

There hiding behind a bookshelf, sat the curly head boy. His head deep into a book as his green moved from side to side, reading the words on the thin paper.


"Here is where everyone from Year One and the older kids come to!" I state happily, tugging on Harrys left hand, bringing him into the small bakery of Homes Chapel

"What is it?" Harry's curiosity appearing again

"It's a bakery! I swear they have the best sugary desserts ever!" my body getting slightly excited at the thought of eating a huge amount of cakes and chocolate

"Do they have cupcakes?" he asked, another smile creeping on his face

"Yes! The best ones here! I can get you one if you want or we can share?" I smile back at him

"We can share." a full on smile planted on his face, reveling a cute set of dimples

"I like your dimples." I blurt out suddenly

A bright shade of pink filled Harry's cheeks as he faced the ground yet again, suddenly becoming interested in his all stars. "T-thanks." he muttered

"Come on....lets go." I say quietly, ignoring the awkwardness in the air

Immediately when we entered the small bakery, the powerful smell of chocolate and freshly made custards filled the our nostrils, making our mouth water. "This place smells really good." Harry stated, getting more comfortable around me

"When you try their cupcakes, trust me you will want another." I smirk before making my way over to the counter that was taller than me


"That was a good cupcake." Harry smiled at me as I walked next to him, taking him to one of my absolute favorite places

"Told you!" I snickered as I started to walk towards a small trail

"Where are we going now?" Harry asked, gradually speaking more

"A place." I say simply, not wanting to give anything away

"What place?"

"A surprise."

"I don't like surprises!"

"Well you're just gonna have to suck it up." I stick my tongue out at him

"Hmm." Harry frowned slightly, his eyebrows knitting together

"Don't be such a baby. Trust me the wait is worth it." I say, grabbing his left hand

And smiled slowly when he didn't let go.


"What is this place?" Harry asked as the wooden house came into view

"It's my tree house. My daddy and me made it together." I say, mu grip on the curly head boys hand coming slightly tighter

The cubed shaped wooden box stood high in the trees. A thick rope ladder hug beneath it as it laid between to incredibly high oak trees, resting on its thick branches.

"Paulina? Are you ok?" Harry asked, noticing my strong grip on him

"Y-ya I-I'm fine." I lied

"No you're not." he stubbornly stated, pulling me to face him

"What's wrong." he asked more nicely

"I-it's nothing really." my bottom lip trembling slightly

"Tell me Paulina, I want to know." his green orbs piercing into my blue ones

"My f-father. It's my father." I said quietly, removing my eyes from his and looked down at the dirt beneath me

"What about him Paulina?"

"H-he left me and mummy." I say sadly

"What do you mean?"

"Mummy told me that he left with someone else. He liked someone else." I sob lightly

I look up at his emerald eyes to see sadness wash over them. "I'm sorry Paulina. I-I didn't mean to force you to say anything." he muttered, the sadness still filled in his eyes

"I-it's ok." I say, whipping the tears on my face

My eyes widen slightly when I felt a pair of small arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into a tight hug. Warm breath hitting my neck as his face laid in the crook of it. "Don't cry." he whispered

I node slowly, letting my arms wrap around him. I needed this, a hug. "It sucks Harry." I say between silent sobs

"What sucks?" he whispered

"Not having anyone to protect me from the world. M-my daddy he told me he would protect me from everything b-but now h-he's g-gone." I stutter, more tears starting to form

"And I'm here." the curly boy whispered into my ear

"W-what do you mean?"

"I'll protect you Paulina. I'll protect you from the world and I will never leave you."

"I promise."

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