I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


3. 19 Years Before

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle




Chapter 2 




~19 Years Before~




*Paulina's POV*

That was exactly one year ago. One year ago since Harry made that promise to protect me and never leave. Even in just one short year Harry has kept his promise. Both of us were six now and just started our first year in Primary School, Year 2. No one didn't really talk to us. Harry and me were both in our own little world, a world that we shared together. 

In just one year Harry and me have grown a lot closer since the day I cried and confessed about how my dad left me and my mum. I didn't know why I told him this considering I had only known him for a couple of hours but, I'm guessing the reason was because I felt comfortable around him. I could tell Harry anything and know he would be there to calm me down. You could say that I was the wall that was crumbling down to pieces and Harry was the one the mended me back together. We clicked together, just like that.


Today was our first day of Primary School, also known as Year Two for us. I wasn't nervous or worried like everyone else was. Knowing that I would have Harry by my side when I walked into the building calmed me.

"PAULINA HONEY! HARRY'S HERE!" my mum shouts from downstairs

A smile appeared on my face as I looked at my body length mirror in front of me. Red leggings covered my legs, a black with white Michael Jackson shirt that fell just above my thighs and a pair of red vans on my feet. My light blondish/brownish hair was pulled back into a single braid that rested on my left shoulder. I wasn't exactly a girly-girl but I wasn't a Tom boy either.

"COMING MUM!" I shout as I grab my small bag that held all my school needs 

My small feet jumped down the stairs to show my excitement. I really was a ball of energy, as people put it. The last stair was when I made my biggest leap and landed feet first on the freshly polished hard wood floor.

"Hey Ms.Styles." I hear Harry's familiar voice call from behind

I turn around, a huge smile still on my face. There in white basketball shorts that fell just above his knees and a black tee hugged his body stood Harry. His curls pulled back by black Snap-Back that showed off his emerald eyes.

"Hey Mr.Montgomery." I chuckled 

Our nicknames for each other simply started out with Harry and Paulina but we decided to be different than everyone else and call each other the other persons last name. It wasn't something that most people do, which gave it an even better reason to call each other these nicknames.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked, sticking out his hand for me to take

"Ya just one second." I say before dashing into the kitchen and grabbing a single slice of toast, shoving it into my mouth

"READY!" I shout, crumbs falling from my mouth

A soft chuckle left Harry as I took his hand in mine, walking towards the front door. "Bye Mum! Love you!" I say before I head out the door 


"Jesus you're tall Harry." I say, my hand still holding Harry's

Harry was incredibly tall for his age. He was taller than most kids in Homes Chapel which made him stand out. People would mistake his age anytime they met him, thinking he was at least 8 or 10 instead of 6. 

"Your not to bad yourself Ms.Styles." he chuckled

I on the other hand was about up to Harry's shoulders in height. My height was average, nothing special for a six year old. 

"Thanks Mr.Montgomery." I laugh back, my hand tightening the grip on Harry's large hand as I saw the front of our school

The building stood up tall, made by bricks and cement. The London Flag flapped through the wind as it stood on the metal pole. Hundreds of teachers, students and parents were walking around, saying goodbye to their kids or getting ready for class.

This was the school we were going to for the next six years.

"Ready for your first day of Year 2?" Harry asked me, his hand gripping around mine tighter than before

"Ready as I'll ever be." I reply, me squeezing my hand with his

Well here goes nothing.......


The first day of Year 2 wasn't so bad. Me and Harry ended up being in the same class which was a huge relief for us. Everything was going fine until Caroline, a new student at school walked up to my assigned desk that was exactly eight desks away from Harry.

"You like Michael Jackson?" she asked, a evil smile on her face

Caroline was the same age as me, six and had bright blonde curly hair, a pair of dark brown eyes and a heart shaped face. I could already tell just from her looks that she would be a famous girl in our year. What I didn't know was how big of a meanie she really was.

"Yes! I love all his music!" I exclaimed happily, thinking that I was making my first friend in this class

Even though I wasn't looking at him I could tell that Harry had a smile planted on his face, listening to our conversation while he buried his head in a book. He was trying to read while listening to me and Caroline talking.

"Oh that's cool." she laughed, a laugh that was covering up a evil plan being made in her head

That's really all that happened in the first half of my first day of Year 2. It wasn't bad, forgetting about the fact that Harry wasn't sitting next to me in class.

But, it was outside the canteen when it happened.

It was exactly 12:05pm when I sat down on the bench outside, waiting for the curly head boy to come back from the loo. My paper brown bag sat next to me holding a sandwich and a juice box, nothing major. The black laces of my vans moved back and forth as I kicked the stones laying underneath me, trying to memorize the words for our spelling test tomorrow. I was one of those kids in advanced English for my good vocabulary and way with words, just like Harry was.

"Hey you!" the sound of a high pitched voice came from the side

I quickly stop mumbling my list of spelling words and look up to see the familiar bright blonde hair, Caroline. Her smile showing off her bright white teeth as she waved at me, holding a plastic container of tomato sauce and meatballs. I don't know why but when I saw Caroline I got this horrible feeling about her, a feeling that I couldn't shake away.

"Hey..." I smile awkwardly

"I forgot to tell you.." she said as she started to walk towards me

"I really love your Mich-OOPS!" were the words I heard before I felt myself being pushed to the ground

The loud sound of something mushy hit my chest as I skidded across the ground, my hands getting cut by sharp stones.

"Ow!" I scream, tears starting to form in my eyes

My white and black Michael Jackson shirt was now covered in Caroline's lunch while the rest of my body was covered in scrapes and soon to come bruises, blood oozing out of my hands and knees. Caroline stood in front of me as students watched from the distance, laughter leaving their lips.

"Oops. I didn't mean to do that Paulina." she said lending out a hand for me

My less bloody hand reached out for hers, only for her to pull back. A full on smirk placed on her face before she laughed at me. "Sike!" she yelled before running off to her clique of friends who I didn't notice before

I stood there on the ground like an idiot, not knowing what to do. Soft noises left my mouth as I started to cry. My knee was bleeding really bad and so was the plan of my right hand. The pain was incredible as I tried to get up. It was useless even trying, one wave of pain and I was back on the ground. 

"PAULINA!" I hear a boy shout

I wipe the tears off my eyes as I took a look at the curly haired boy running towards me, worry flashed through his emerald eyes. "Paulina! What happened?" he asked, getting on one knee

"I-I was p-pushed." I manage to say between sobs

"Who pushed you? WHO! I'll go and push them back!" anger filled his eyes

"Harry you can't do that." I smile softly

"And why not." he spat

"It was a girl." I said simply, wiping off more tears that were falling down my face

I suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around me, one on my back and one underneath my legs. Slowly, I felt myself being lifted above the ground, a little flash of pain coming from my knee. "Harry what are you doing?" I chuckle softly as I see the him carrying me towards the brick building

"I'm taking you to get fixed."

"Why carry me there Harry? I can walk myself." I say looking at the six year old who was carrying me in his arms

"No, then you won't be safe." he said, keeping his eyes focused ahead of us

"What do you mean Harry?" I ask confused

"I can protect you in my arms." he said slowly

No words left my mouth as I remember the promised he made me one year ago, a smile forming at the corners of my mouth.

"I'm sorry Paulina." he whispered

"Sorry for what Harry?! You did nothing wrong!" I say, getting confused again

"I did! Paulina! I did do something wrong." he said louder, his eyes still connected with the area ahead of us

We were already inside the building and walking towards the main office. The halls were empty as I was being carried in his arms.

"What did you do wrong?" I ask, suddenly getting worried at what it could be

Suddenly, I felt Harry stop walking, his eyes focusing on mine instead of ahead of us. I watched as his pink lips parted slightly before answering my question.

"I wasn't there to help you when you got hurt Paulina." he said softly

"I wasn't there to protect you from the world when you needed me the most."

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