I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


6. 17 Years Before (Part 3)

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle




Chapter 5




~17 Years Later (Part 3)~




*Paulina's POV*

Today was the day of his party. I could see the line of cars from his house outside my window as I watched. It hurt slightly that he didn't bother to talk to me. I knew he got the letter from me (I saw him take it from the post) but, I didn't know if he even dared to read the letter.

My mum didn't have a single clue to what was going on. She didn't really ask what was wrong, already knowing that I wanted to be alone. The feeling I had in my chest was exactly the same pain that I felt for when my dad left, emptiness. Harry was my first and only true friend that I had and now I find out it was just a bunch of poo. 

The glass was becoming foggy with me breathing against it as I continued to stare outside the window. Even though it was shut I could still hear the laughter and happy screams coming from the party. While he was having the best birthday party ever I was here, locked up in my room staring out the window.

Staring out the window I spotted a baby pigeon on my roof. It stood there happy and free. That got me thinking, I wanted to go and fly out of here, fly and explore the world and experience different things. It sounded fun but I had two problems- 

1. I was only eight 

2. I was stuck here in Homes Chapel

I was stuck here for another eight years and couldn't do one thing about it. I couldn't speed up time and I couldn't skip forward into the future. For at least the fourth time today I felt the tears form in my blue eyes. 

"PAULINA CAN YOU COME HERE PLEASE? SOMEONE IS HERE TO SEE YOU!" I hear my mums voice shout from downstairs

Someone was here?

My mind immediately went to the boy with curly hair and green eyes. It couldn't be him waiting for me downstairs.....could it? I couldn't shake that thought off my mind and knew I had to go downstairs to find out for sure.

The nerves in me were going crazy when I fit that last step of the stairs. What if it was Harry?! What would he be here for?! Did he read the letter?! Did he come here to ask for for-


It was Lilly not Harry. Of course it wasn't Harry. 

"PAULINA!" Lily shouted happily

"My mum said she could take you, Jade, Emma and me to the mall! And your mum said yes! C'mon lets gooooooo!" she smiled at me, her hands waving around everywhere

"Ok." I fake smile


~February 9th~

Today is the day!!! I'm finally nine!! After waiting one long year I'm finally a year older!

The whole day has consist of me screaming and my mum and me running around to get everything perfect for my party. Only Emma, Jade, Lilly and Trinity are coming to my party since they are my only friends. 


That topic was still hard on me. Harry still hasn't said anything to me, once. He hasn't been at school for the past week and I haven't even bothered going to his house to check if he is ok. I've had the urges to of course but I have to pull every bone in my body back to make sure I didn't.

"PAULINA!!!!!" a girls voice shouts from behind

I turn around to see Jade with a big present in her hands. Her brown hair was pulled back into two braids that layer on her pink ruffly shirt, followed by blue skinny jeans. Jade in my opinion was very pretty. She had light brown eyes with a mixture of light and dark brown hair. Her face reminds me of a heart too.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" a chorus of voices follow hers

Emma, Trinity and Lilly walk inside, each of them holding a present in their hands. Everyone had arrived!

"Let's get this party started!" Emma jumped up and down, her curls bouncing slightly 

Everyone nodded in agreement as I looked around to make sure everything was set. The silly string cans laid against the wall, the trampoline was waiting for us outside, goody bags were placed on the counter, water balloons were next to the silly string, pizza and soda was on the kitchen table and the movies were next to the flat screen tele. Everything was ready.

"WHOOP! LETS GET THIS STARTED!" I shout, jumping along with Emma

Even though I was excited, I couldn't help but feel that someone else was missing.


"A drawing set?! Thank you so much Trinity! I love it!" I hug my friend as I held my new art set in my hands

"I thought you would like it since you love to draw and everything." Trinity whispered slightly 

"Well thank you." I smile kindly at her

A shy smile was returned before the sound of the doorbell ringing filled the house. "Who's that?" Emma asked as picked on the tissue paper that was ripped across the floor

"I don't know." I answer, getting up from the floor

I really didn't know who could be at the door. No one else was missing from the party and my mum was upstairs working on her laptop. 

So who could it be?

My question was shortly answered as my hand twisted the door knob and opened the first door. 

I didn't see anything at first until my eyes landed on a mop of curls in front of me. 

Mop of curls,

Green eyes,

Dimpled smile,


There in front of me was Harry, resting one knee on my porch while the other on pointed towards me. His eyes connected with mine and I couldn't help but notice the pinkness around them. Was he crying?

"Mrs.S-styles." he croaked 

That's when it hit me hard. He was here after all of the crazy stuff he did to me. No, I just can't.

I started to close the front door before his hand stopped it from closing. "P-please listen." he stuttered

He looked so vulnerable right now, so sad. What happened to the boy who called me lame? Who laughed because he wouldn't be caught dead seen with me?

"No." I say sternly

"Please, let me explain." he said, tears at the brim of his eyes

"Paulina?" a voice sounded from behind me

I turned to see Emma standing behind the door, curiosity filled her face.

"What's taking you so long?" she asked

"Nothing it's j-" I saw before Emma pushes me slightly to see who's outside

"EW! It's a boy! Get him away from here Paulina! Cooties?! Remember?" she screamed before running back to our group of friends

I turned to look at Harry to see that he had tears falling down his cheeks. 

"P-Paulina, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have shown them the tree house but I didn't. They followed me one day when I went there. Then they started going with me after they knew about it. I don't think you're lame Paulina. You are an amazing, funny, loud, fun, adventurist, creative and a ball of energy that I love to be around. I never meant it when I said I would never play with you and that you had cooties. I just said that so I could have guy friends Paulina. But- but when I read that letter I realized that I just needed you as my friend Paulina, no one else. I don't care anymore about what people at school think about girls hanging out with boys. As long as I'm there with you I'm happy. And I'll continue to protect you from the world and never leave you again. I'm so sorry Paulina. I want you to be my friend, no wait no I don't." he stated in one breath, still on one knee

Slowly, Harry reached for something in his pocket, reveling a velvet colored box.

"I don't want to be friends anymore Paulina." he smiled at me

He opened the box to show a silver necklace. A chain that resembled a paper plane rested inside the box as it hung from the silver chain.

"I want to be best friends." he spoke

"Best friends forever." 

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