I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


4. 17 Years Before (Part 1)

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle


Chapter 3


~17 Years Later~ (Part 1)


*Paulina's POV*


Both Harry and me were exactly eight years old now. Still went to the same school, still lived right next to one another. This year though was a bit different. At school no one touched the opposite gender, afraid they would catch 'cooties' and thought that boys or girls were weird,gross or stupid. On the playground, all the girls stayed on one side while the boys stayed on the other. Harry and me didn't get to do much talking, knowing that no one would talk to us or touch us for weeks if they saw us. 'Cooties' was practically an illness that I thought was pretty stupid, and so did Harry.

Over the two years we finally managed to make friends that weren't each other. I had a group of girl friends, four (Lilly, Jade, Trinity and Emma) and Harry had Erik, James, Patrick, Chris, J.D and Brian. Our new friends weren't as close to us as me and Harry were but, at least we had other people to talk to. Harry and me would walk to and from school together and hang out but, that was really it. Boys and girls would give us death-killing stares if they caught us at least one foot from each other. Our friends didn't understand how we could talk to the other ones gender, thinking it was "weird".

Both of us knew we shouldn't listen to what everyone else thought but, we couldn't help it. Later in the year, sometime in late January, was when we got closer to our friends and not each other.

This was the year when me and Harry started to slowly drift apart.





January 29th- (3 Days Until Harry's Birthday)


"So what are you going to get for Harry's birthday?"

"Did you hear about Harry's party?"

"I hear Harry's party was going to be awesome! There's going to be a jumping castle!"

"Were you invited to Harry's birthday party?"


Harry's Birthday Party,

Harry's Birthday Party,

Harry's Birthday Party.


That was all the boys could talk about during class while I sat there trying to draw a picture of a rainbow. They had been talking about it for days, weeks even. All the boys were invited to his house, a jumping castle, a waterside, a wizard and a piñata would be there too. The boys were excited, happy that they were invited to go but, I on the other hand was sad and down.

He didn't invite me.

He didn't dare to invite me.

I would see him walk down the hall. The minute I saw his curly set of hair I got excited thinking that maybe he would ask me to go to his party, or give me an invitation. But, I was always disappointed when he would walk right past me, not daring to even to take one look at me. We hadn't been talking for a few weeks and I didn't know why, I just thought it was some weird phase. I'd always try to find him after school seeing if he could walk home with me but, I would always see him walking away with his other friends. The same thing with walking to school. Always, we would meet at the stop sigh just outside our houses but, one day he just stopped showing. So many times I tried talking to him but he would always go the other way if he saw me walking towards him.

It hurt, it really did.

Everyday I would run home, thinking that just maybe Harry would call asking to have a playdate or to go to meet at the tree house that no one but my dad, him and me knew about. Everyday I would ask my mum if an invitation came through the mail, thinking that maybe, just maybe, that Harry would send me something.

But he never did.






January 31st (1 Day Until Harry's Birthday)


Today is the day before Harry's birthday and party and I got nothing. No invitation, notice or smile from Harry. Not even a single word.



I walked down the cement steps of my Primary School and strolled down the sidewalk with my backpack on my shoulders. My ponytail swung slightly left and right as my pink DM's walked down the street. I didn't have to be home for another thirty minutes so I decided to head to my tree house. I hadn't been there in awhile, not sense me and Harry stopped talking. It was weird not talking to my three year friend anymore, he was the one who was there, he was the one who said he would protect me. The last thing didn't bother me much, I knew he still cared about me, I knew he still wanted to protect me. I thought that Harry's recent acts were just a normal phase, like the rest of the boys were going through.

My feet suddenly came to the familiar path in the woods before I could see the beautiful thing standing on two thick branches. Even though me and my dad made it four years ago it still looked the same, it hadn't aged one bit. The ladder hit the ground as my hands grasped the rope. My small feet hanging from the first line just before I heard voices.

Voices coming from the tree house.

"I can't wait till tomorrow." said one voice

"Me neither! I can't wait to stuff my face with food!" said another

"Its gonna be awesome!!" another one shouted

"I hope it will be! I can't wait to open the presents." said the last voice

The last one talking was the one that got my attention. How could I forget that voice anywhere? It was Harry.

Harry was in MY tree house with HIS friends.

A tree house that we promised we wouldn't tell anyone about.

A sudden sharp pain went through my heart when I suddenly realized he broke that promise. He lied to me, he showed other people something so important to me, something that I never showed to anyone but him. He broke the promise and threw it out the window.

I didn't realize I was crying until I felt the tears hit my cheeks. This tree house was something that was for me and my dad only, something I decided to share with Harry. Now he was showing everyone it. I couldn't move, I couldn't move one step towards the ground or one step up the ladder, I was just frozen, too broken to move.

"So what's up with you and that Paulina girl. Are you guys like friends or something?" one of the voices spoke again

I immediately stopped crying, listening and waiting for his answer. My thoughts had been wondering the same thing, what were we now? He showed people our tree house, he clearly wasn't someone I knew anymore. Harry wasn't th-

"Psst, heck no! Why would you think that?" Harry answered harshly

"Because of the way she tries to talk to you!"

Harry didn't reply straight away but, he did answer. An answer that answered all my questions about him immediately.

"No! She's probably one of those girls who has a crush on me! Not like I would go out with her anyway, she's lame and has cooties! Like seriously?!" he laughed loudly

That answer was all it took.

He didn't want to be my friend anymore. This wasn't just some phase that he was going through.

He didn't care about me,

He doesn't like me,

He thinks I'm lame,

And worst of all,

He was done protecting me.


Just like my dad, another person walked out on my life. A person who said he wouldn't leave. He lied, he lied big time.


That answer finally made me become unfrozen and make my first move in minutes. I moved back down to the ground, tears falling down my face but no sobs coming out.


And that's when I walked away.




That's when I walked back to my house, knowing that a three year friendship had finally come to an end.




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