I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle

Here you will experience the tears, love, happiness, and heart breaks of my journey to find love. Love that I thought I could never find. You will hear all of it, from the beginning and end of how I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle.


10. 10 Years Before

I Fell In Love With The Boy Across The Aisle




Chapter 11




10 Years Before




*Paulina POV*

It was later that night when I finally heard from Harry again. 8:37pm writing down my finishing touches for a writing assignment due tomorrow, I heard the sound of a soft thumb come from the front door.

"PAULINA, CAN YOU GET THE DOOR SWEETIE? IM ABOUT TO GO INTO THE SHOWER!" I hear my mom yell from her bedroom as I started to walk down the hallway


To be all honest; I didn't want to answer the door. My instincts already told me it was Harry and I didn't want to here him blabbering on and on about the date.

'Who knows maybe the date was horrible and they broke up' a voice in the back of my mind told me

I know I wasn't suppose to feel like this, jealousy, but, stupid Jade had to go and ruin everything! Now I'm going to be the third wheel while her and Harry just do everything together.

Images of my being the third wheel came to mind as I opened the front door. I don't want to be the third wheel, some thing that they just ignore as I'm right in front of them. Why did Ja-

Standing in front of me was Harry.

Squinting my eyes at the boy, I noticed something about him. He looked different.

His cheeks were a deep shade of pink, the green in his eyes seemed to be more vibrant, that dimple was showing; but it was deeper than usual, and that grin on his face looked like he was on heaven.

"Harry?" I asked softly

Swiftly, he walked past me and plopped himself on the living room couch. "Hmmmhm." was Harry's only reply as he lifted his head up to stare at the ceiling

Sitting down next to him, I soak in his new features. What the heck happened to him on this date? What happened that made him look......so happy?

"Harry, what are you doing here?"

At first I think he's going to reply but, all he does is get up from the couch and walk into the kitchen. Minutes pass before I see him walk back, a soda in hand. That's when I saw something about the buttoned up shirt he was wearing.

5 buttons at the top were missing.

And the thing was, when he left my house earlier that day, those five buttons, they were sewn perfectly onto the shirt.

That's when that familiar feeling came, that feeling I had gotten earlier. Like something bad had happened. But, it wasn't bad for Harry. It was bad for me.

It was then when I finally had the courage to ask him. I wanted to know what happened on that date. Thinking back on this ten years later, well it makes me gag.

"How was your date?" I managed to say without pausing

This was like when you are watching a horror scene from a film. You close your eyes and cover your ears. That's what I wanted to do know.

The horrid question seemed to engage him as he suddenly meet his eyes with mine. From the looks of it, the mention of the word 'date' made his smile wider and his dimple even deeper if that's possible. "Interesting." was what I heard him muster


The same images of me being the third wheel came into mind. What did he mean by interesting?

"How so?" I ask quietly, afraid to hear his answer

Again, I thought he would reply but, instead he said something else. "I've got to go." he stated, getting up from the couch but leaving the soda on the table



The sound of the front door closed, indicating that he just left.



What the heck just happened?







<Next Day> 


"Paulina! Paulina!" a voice calls out to me as I shove my bag into a locker



Slamming the old thing shut, I turn to see Jade. "Jade." I say oddly calm



Grabbing my hand, she dragged me to the closest girl's loo. Checking to make sure no one was in the stalls, she locked the door behind us, pushing me up the against the wall.



"You have to promise to not tell anyone about this." Jade's eyes burn into mine



Slightly taken aback by her actions, I nod. 



"Last night...." she drags on the pause



I could feel my eyes grow wide as I knew she was about to tell me what happened yesterday. Maybe now I'll know why Harry was so happy yesterday.



"Harry took me to this stream last night....." she pauses again



As I waited, I couldn't help but want to strangle her. WHAT HAPPENED! JUST TELL ME!



"And well we kinda...." she pauses yet again



Then, the feeling returned. I didn't want to know what was going to be said next.



"We kinda kissed."  she whispered, never leaving her eyes one mine



"Y-you kiss-ed?" I choke



Puke started to rise in my stomach as I knew I was right. I was going to become the third wheel.



It was then like suddenly she was off serious/whisper mode and turned into all giggly mode. "Yes!!!" she practically shrieked



"When we kissed! Wow! After that things got kinda steamy!" she winked



"S-steamy?" I stutter



Yup this is it...I'm gonna puke if she goes into detail.



"Yes! We started kissing with tongue and like oh god we removed each others shirts but, that was really it." 


"The kiss was amazing."


"O-oh." I manage to say



I'm gonna puke, I'm gonna puke.



"You know what the best part was Paulina?" 



Even though I didn't want to ask, I just had to know. 



"What?" I say just above a whisper



"We are officially a couple." she smirked, winking at me before walking out of the loo






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