Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


8. Chapter 8





Chapter 8




"She was a fucking bitch." he grunted, digging his nails into the palms of his fists

"I can't believe she kicked you out. I thought most girls swooned over the fucking Bieber." Michael smirked, taking a sharp turn down a road that he didn't give a fuck about the name

"Fuck off." Justin groaned, turning his head to look out the window to see if anything outside could cease to calm him

That girl, that bitch in his words, left him fuming. The fact that she had the nerve to kick him out cause him to grit his jaw even at the memory of it. How dare she tell me what to do? She wasn't his fucking mom and she wasn't someone who could boss him around. He never took that crap from anyone, even when he was younger at the age of fourteen. Also, considering that she didn't dare give him a coffee when he asked made the prominent red marks on his palms. Never in his life had he found someone more annoying than her. Never.

"Well at least you won't be seeing her again, unless you go back to that coffee shop." his friend tapped on the steering wheel as they pulled up to a red light

"I fucking hope not. I've been seeing her around a couple of times and I fucking never want to go back to that place ever. Fuck no." Justin spat multiple curse words, taking notice on a group of tanned blonde's with high waisted shorts walking down the sidewalk. He licked his lips in approval, the many 'lovely' thoughts running through his head would probably make almost everyone sick.

"Ya, ya whatever. We've got a party to go to tonight, Dean's." Michael quickly turned on the radio, Sleeping With Sirens quickly filled up the stereo

"Good, I need to get laid again." Justin licked his lips again, thinking about the group of girls he saw earlier walking by

"Again? Fuck you are on a role Bieber." Michael chuckled, turning up the music so that the car was shaking from the amount pounding the boombox was creating. It was fucking beautiful and it caused Justin to relax.

"Aren't I always?" Justin smirked, forgetting all about the girl from the coffee shop


The amount of liquor he had consumed caused him to feel as if he was in a movie. That he was watching his body move and he couldn't do anything to stop it. He had passed a mirror a few minutes before, the red in his eyes and the happy grin on his face showed everyone how incredibly high he was. It felt good to him though, it was something he loved the feeling to. The pot popping and bubbling as he took another in half from the bong. His feeling soon leaving his body, his mind felt like he was floating in the clouds, but his feet were touching the ground.

"Damn Bieber, you look so hot when you're high." the purple hair girl murmured into his ear, straddling his lap soon after

"It feels even better." he smirked, lifting his hips slightly so that his crotch could brush past hers, a gasp instantly leaving her mouth, eyes blown

"What do you feel like doing Justin. I'm in the mood for a lot of things." she spoke into his ear, taking his earlobe in between his teeth

A sudden tingle was brought between his legs as he felt himself becoming hard against his jeans, incredibly uncomfortable, thinking of all the things he could do to Penny, the girl with the purple hair and multiple piercings. She was wearing a black leather mini dress that barely fell just above her ass, but he liked it like that. Especially the extensive make up covering her face, fuck. He didn't give a damn about her though, just about his needs and desires. No, this wasn't the first time they would do anything, but it wouldn't be their last. Definitely not their last.

"We could fuck in the bathroom." Penny groaned into his ear, his large hands suddenly grasping her hips, digging his finger nails into them, trying to control his reaction- down there

"I could blow you in the closet." Penny's lips brushed against his jaw line, a smirk prominent on her lips, feeling his reaction from her words

"You can finger me on the balcony."

"I'm so open for many things, anything." Penny's nails racked down the skin of his back

"Closet, now." Justin snapped, lifting her body off his lap

"I like the way you think." Penny chuckled, licking her lips as she walked off into the closet, Justin following behind quickly


"One, two, three." Anyelin softly counted to herself, jumping off swiftly off the diving board, diving straight down into the water

Today she did her same routine, but this time instead of getting out and leaving- she walked to the diving board and took a deep breath. The twenty feet deep water calling her name. She needed a place to relax, the water.

Her hair swiftly became wet again as she came in contact with the cool surface. The skin that covered her body was now becoming wrinkly from her time in the water. Eyes closed, she swam to the bottom before she felt herself touch the cerement that held the water. Making bubbles with her nose, she cleared her mind as she just swam at the bottom of the pool, her favorite place to be.

It was when she ran out of air and was desperately needing it, she swam back to shore. Even then she wished she didn't have to come back up, she loved it too much.

A sudden clap of violent clapping's were made as her head left the water, eyes fluttering open quickly to meet sunlight that shined through the windows. "Well done Anyelin. Well done." Mr. T's voice filled the pool arena, Anyelin turning around in the water to see the old man clapping

"Thank you." heat raised in her cheeks, she could already tell how badly she was blushing

"You know that we have an opening this year for the swim team, I could guarantee that'd you make it Anyelin." Mr.T smiled widely at me, a pleading look in his eyes as he was the coach for that team

"I'm good, Mr.T. I don't want to." Anyelin spoke quietly. He'd been always asking her to join the swim team, but she always rejected. Nicely of course.

"But, you have talent. You and I both know it!" Mr.T spoke, trying to get his words through her head

"I just don't do competitions." Anyelin lied through her teeth, not telling the actual reason of why she wouldn't do it

"C'mon Anyelin. You've rejected my offer for five years. You have to say yes sometime soon."

"No, thank you. I'm sorry Mr.T, but I don't see myself saying yes anytime soon." Anyelin smiled weakly, dipping her head back into the water before she swam to the bottom again, where she again cleared her mind, leaving herself in her own peaceful world



Justin's parts in this story will be pretty short considering that I want to focus mostly on Anyelin. I might make a second book though if this one gets good reviews and make it based off more on Justin.

~Niall's Leprechaun



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