Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


7. Chapter 7









Chapter 7








He was at the coffee shop. 


"Oh just fucking great. It's you." he sneered, rolling his eyes in disgust


Instead of replying, she continued to clean that steamer just as before. She wasn't going to take notice in him. Even her father told her that they had the right to choose who to serve in the coffee shop and she knew she wouldn't serve this narcissist butthole. 


"Give me a damn coffee would you? Black. No cream or sugar. I need the energy." he spat rudely, slamming some coins onto the counter


Grabbing a tray of dirty dishes, she made her way to the sink and began to wash them, completely ignoring his presence whatsoever. "Hey! Did you fucking just hear what I said?" he shouted, grabbing a spoon that was adjacent on the counter, throwing it next to the wall next to me


"No." she replied calmly, even though she was a bit shaken up at the object hitting the wall


This guy was bad, she knew it.


"God damn it." he sighed "I said I wanted a black coffee with-"


"I meant no, I will not get you a black coffee." Anyelin's voice wavered slightly in fear of the boy as she spoke up to him, placing a plate into the sink


"What  the fuck. You need to serve me. I'm the costumer." he growled, as she turned to look at him


"I could serve anyone I want prick." Anyelin spat back, surprise about the amount of confidence she suddenly had


"I want to talk to the bloody manager. I got a big complaint to get your ass fired." a smirk formed on his lips, thinking he was so clever


"Well guess what, your looking right at her." Anyelin smiled, turning around to finish the dishes


"Your fucking kidding me." his voice grumbled 


She laughed to herself as she heard the front door slamming closed. He did leave and she was happy. So with that, she started to hum a tune she'd heard on the radio, cleaning up the rest of the dishes before she heard the sound of the coffee machine brewing. She knew she didn't leave it on.


"Your coffee machine sucks you know." the familiar voice exclaimed as she turned around, finding him working the machine


"What do you think your doing?!" Anyelin angrily shouted, running towards him


"You can't be here!" she continued, unplugging the machine to prevent him from getting coffee


"Hey! What the fuck! I was getting some coffee!" he looked at her, anger tattooed onto his eyes


"Get out!" Anyelin continued to shout


"Jesus calm the-"


"Get out!" she shouted again


"Give me some coffee fir-"


"Get out!" she shouted again


"Ok, ok. Fine." he raised his hands in surrender, hoping out the counter and throwing himself onto the other side 


"Now can I get some coffee?" he rolled his eyes, showing the coins he had in his hand


She ran her fingers through her hair in annoyance. Anyelin was completely irritated by this male that didn't seem to go away unless he got his damn coffee.


"Only if you go away when I give it to you." Anyelin sighed, realizing there was no point


"Deal, now give me some mother fucking coffee. I'm so damn tired." he yawned, resting his head on the counter


Anyelin made a mental note soon after, 'clean counter' and went to grab a to go cup, filling it with the coffee he desired. "Here." she said solemnly, placing the cup on the counter by his head


"Now go." she added shortly after, pointing her index finger towards the front door


"I'll go if you tell me where the closet bus stop is." he smirked, knowing full well that he was pissing this girl off


"Go and ask someone else! Just get out!" Anyelin's eyebrows pitched together in frustration. Oh how badly did she wish that she could jump into a chlorine filled pool right now.


He continued to smirk in amusement at the clearly ticked off girl. It was quite funny to watch her rage out at him. To him, she seemed so quiet and nonchalant. This past few minute proved him wrong. "Tell me where the closest bus stop is." he repeated again, completely ignoring at her previous demand


Aneylin sighed in frustration, completely aggravated by this male. This was the last straw for him. She'd tell him where the closest bus stop was so they, hopefully, she'll never have to see him again. Hopefully.


"One mile away." she huffed, flicking off a piece of a torn napkin perfectly into the trash can


"You're fucking kidding me." he replied, sighing as Anyelin squinted at him, not taking too kindly at the amount he used of foul language


"I'm not." she replied simply, looking up to find the couple sitting outside entering the small coffee shop. A fake smile plastering immediately.


"I'll take that!" Anyelin spoke up, quickly leaving behind the counter and grabbing the two mugs out of the couples hand


"Thank you!" the female beamed before her and her spouse left, leaving her alone again with him


"How far away am I from the club." Justin continued to speak as if the couple never interrupted them in the first place


Rolling her eyes, she took a deep breath before coming around back to behind the counter. 'He'll be gone soon.' she told herself


"Further than the bus stop." she muttered, taking a clean rag and started cleaning the counters just like she told herself minutes before


"Damn." he cursed to himself, thinking of a way to get home


"Do you have a fucking phone I could use to get the hell out of here?" Justin huffed, hoping she'd say yes


"No, I want you out. There's a payphone a few blocks down. Go and use that one." the girl demanded


"Fucking thanks for the help. At least I won't be seeing you again." Justin replied harshly, throwing the money owed for the coffee onto the floor before stepping out of the shop, leaving her alone in silence


"Ya, I'm glad too." Anyelin smiled to herself, glad that he was gone as she picked up the money from the floor and placed it neatly into the cashier


Taking a look around, she decided to close for a bit. Her body was craving for the contact of the water that was just miles away. She literally could smell the chlorine of the pool as she walked outside in her old worn out Chuck Taylor's, heading to the bus stop.


Unlike him, she didn't mind the walk.



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