Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


6. Chapter 6













Chapter 6















Bright rays of sunlight hit his face as he slept. As if on instinct he rolled over to his side, only to be met with the smell of perfume. Feminine perfume.



Rubbing his eyes with his palms, he fluttered open to see the unviverse. A loud pulsing 'boom' was the sound it seemed his head made from the killer hangover that he contained. The girl that he spilled his drink on came to mind. She was the reason for the pusling 'boom' in his head. When he got infurriated in something there was only one thing that he could do, drink.



"That was fun." a sudden arm wrapped around is exposed tattooed chest



His head immiedetly jerked to the left. There laid the woman he met at the bar. Jumping out of the bed, he took his fingers and fumbled putting on the buttons of his pants. His number one rule had been broken-



Never let anyone into his place, ever.



Pulling on the dirty shirt he hadn't washed in days, he took notice in the light pink curtains and the white couch in the corner of the room. This wasn't his bedroom, it was hers.



"Are you just not going to me? Not even go for round two?" she winked, the sheet covering her falling down slightly. Showing off her cleavage and lower.


Rule 2- Never stay at a girls place after hook up.


He'd broken his second rule because of simply getting too drunk and passing out. Cursing under his breath, he blamed the girl from the bar that was such a prude. She was the reason he was here with a rule he was NEVER suppose to break. 



But here he was, in a house of a woman that he had slept with the night before. 



"Babe?" her voice sounded through his ears 



He soon felt a hand come in contact with his shoulder. "Babe?" she repeated again



"Don't fucking call me babe." he spat, finding a shoe under the bed



"Why?" her voice cracked, more of a whine



"Because what we did was a one time thing." he snarled,slipping on his shoes and jacket



"So what now?" she narrowed her eyes at the male



"Nothing." he shrugged, slamming the front door of her apartment






He walked a good five minutes, not knowing where the hell he was. The town he was in was old and poor looking. The streets practically empty with only just a few people in sight. It was so quite that he could hear the coins in his jacket clanking around as he walked. All stores were closed as his feet started to ache. The walking from yesterday added more soreness to his feet as he could remember the good hour they took to walk to her apartment. Too drunk to realize that they could have gotten a taxi instead.



The smell of coffee wafted him as he continued to walk random unknown streets. Small voices could be heard as he followed the smell of the coffee. Maybe there was a coffee shop near by to ask for directions.



Following the smell, he ended up exactly as he hoped for, a coffee shop. It was hidden quite well, behind an old antique shop that contained a 'Sorrry we're closed' sign. He just needed to follow the smell of the coffee to find himself in front of the store behind the antique shop.



There was a table ourside, a small wooden one. Two chairs next to it. Occupied by a couple who eating their faces off with each others faces. Bile rised to his throat, the feeling of him going to puke occur. He hated love, couples, or anything to do with relationships as a matter of fact. The thought of even saying 'love' brought him to the state of illness.



"Excuse me." he advanced towards the couple, maybe they could help



The sound of smacking lips was all he could hear as he waited for an answer. They were too much into their make out session to even take knowledge in the man.



"Thanks for the help assholes." he spat, rolling his eyes before opening the front door of the shop






She enjoyed working at a little place that no one knew about. Only weekends though. She only worked there on weekends.



The place was small and didn't have much to offer but, it all the more felt home for her. The old steamer that had been threw all types of messes stood shiny and tall as she cleaned it with a rag from the sink. It was pretty early, around six in the morning and the store didn't have many customers. Just some couple kissing their faces off as they completely ignored the straight black coffee she had given them minutes before. 



Her apron was white, a uniform given by her father, the owner of the coffee shop. It was given to her six years ago though. Now it was just completely covered in stains but, those stains were little memorials of this place. 



The sound of a small chime filled the air, indicating as someone had walked into the store. Looking out the window, the couple was still outside. A new customer had arrived.



"All be there in right a moment." her voice filled the silence of the coffee shop



Swiping one more time across the steamer, her glance goes up. Meeting a presence of someone that made her drop the rag right in place.



"Fucking great." he spat, slamming his hand on the counter



His attitude was still the same. So was the clothing that he had worn the night before.



It was him.



The one from the train station.



The bar.



It was him.



But now here he stood.



In the coffee shop.

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