Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


5. Chapter 5





Chapter 5




He finally did find that girl. One with thin ginger hair and popping brown eyes. She had freckles on both cheeks and had a couple of pimples placed on her forehead but, that didn't stop him from accepting the challenge. Grinding up against the girl, he moved his lips to her light color skinned ear.

"I'll get us some drinks." his voice said in a hushed whisper but loud enough to hear

"Come back soon babe." she slurred happily, pupil dilated from the amount of alcohol she already consumed

Smirking, he walked to the bar, placing himself next to the girl who his friends pointed out to him before. "2 shots, now." he snarled, slamming a ten dollar bill onto the wooden counter

The bartender rolled her eyes, seeing the usual man who came here every night, and listening to his commands. Placing 2 shots in front of him, gladly taking the ten dollar bill.

He turned to the side with his shots in hand before bumping into an object that costed him the spill of his alcohol. "What the fuck man!" he shouted, looking up to see the girl who stood up with a large, wet stain covering her shirt

"What was that for?" he rephrased himself

He expected an answer right away but, was taken back when she didn't. "Your the guy from the bus!" she said, eyes squinted as she remembered the moment he pushed her to the ground

"And your the bitch who didn't get out of my way." he spat, turning around to face the bartender again

"Give me two more shots." he said harshly

"That'd be ten bucks." the lady over the counter remarked, tapping her long red polish nails against the wood

"I already paid ten bucks! Give me two damn shots! This bitch caused me to spill them!" his anger boiling by the minute

He wanted alcohol and he wanted it now.

"That's not my problem sir. Should've had a better watch on where you were going." she scoffed, walking away from a slowly ticking time bomb

"Give me ten bucks. NOW!" he yelled, turning his heels to face the girl who he expected to be there

But she wasn't.

When he turned around she was already somewhere else. Somewhere else in the large dancing crowd.


"Ann-g-e." Kelly slurred, tripping slightly in her gold platforms

"Umhm." she numbered, looking back and forth down the road for any signs of a taxi

"That guuy was. Reallllly nisssse." Kelly laughed, rolling her head back as she almost fell, lucky to have Anylein catch her

"Yes, very lovely." she rolled her eyes, remembering the events 

She just about missed Kelly ten minutes before, trying to go home with a tall dark male with brown hair and blue eyes. He was covering in piercings and reeked of drugs. Kelly was practically holding on to him as Anyelin tried to break her away. Kelly told her specifically that she didn't like having one night stands.

"Can youu take meeee back insidddd.e?" Kelly blew into her face, the smell of awful alcohol rolling off her mouth

"Yes. When we get home I'll bring you back." she lied, drunk Kelly wasn't smart

"Realllly?!" she squealed, attempting to get up drunk without any help 


"Your a great friendddd Angiee. You know that." 

"Yes, I do." she smiled down at her completely drunken friend

"I'm sorrry I maddde you-u come here in-insteadd of of the poooool." Kelly said, snaking her arm around Anyelin's waist for support

"It's ok. I had fun." Anyelin lied again, planting a weak smile on her face

Even though it had been less than twenty four hours, she missed the blue, chemical, cool water. She could have been swimming back strokes but, here she was instead, outside a club helping her only drunk friend home.

"No it'ssss notttt. It's allll myy f-" she soon stopped, eyeing something on the side 

Following her direction, her brown eyes caught the sight of a ridiculously drunken ginger clinging onto a muscular male. She was giggle constantly and was wobbling back and forth as she walked. 

The male on the other hand seemed completely sober. He didn't dare touch the female and continued walking, trying his hard to pry off the feminine arm touching him.

"Get the fuck off me!" he roared, pushing the girl slightly, just enough for her to tumble a bit back but, not enough for her to fall

His face soon turned to face the two girls staring at the whole scene. Kelly didn't know who he was but, Anyelin surely did. Quickly, pulling her eyes away she looked back on the road. It was the male from the bus and the club.

"Jeez. I'm sorry." she heard the ginger say 

"Let's just go to your place." she heard him spat, before the sound of heels clicking further away could be heard

She took a few deep breaths before looking back.

They were both gone.

"Annngggie. The yellowow thingy is heree!" Kelly suddenly snapped her from thought, tugging violently at her alcohol stained shirt

"Oh sorry." she murmured, opening the yellow door before helping her friend inside

Following, she slammed the door shut. "176 Warrenlow Drive please." she asked kindly

The cab driver was an elderly man in his late sixties. Pulling down his brown cap, he nodded before starting the car. Just as they were about to pull out of the curb, Anyelin leaned her head against the window and sighed.

"What and interesting night." she whispered to herself as she watched the city lights zoom by her

"Thannk youu for helllp mee An-" Kelly said quietly before soft snores were heard from her mouth

Putting her friends head on her lap as a pillow, she told her self something, looking at Kelly.

She never wanted to come back to a club.


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