Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


4. Chapter 4





Chapter 4




She was at a club. 

A pair of jeans stuck tightly against her legs along with a simple grey shirt and an old pair of blue Nikes placed at her feet, with a buckle of course. Next to her hand stood a beverage she'd never heard before 'Sex On The Beach' or something like that.

She never caught herself dead in one of these places but, of course she found herself in one. All because of Kelly Oswald. 

Kelly Oswald, a girl of eighteen years of age. She consisted of straight jet black hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. Kelly Oswald was also known as Anyelin's one and only friend. Not close friend but, just a friend. She was one of those people who could convince anyone to do anything. Maybe that's why she was studying in the career of becoming a lawyer. 

Maybe that's why she found herself in a club because of Kelly Oswald.

But, now Anyelin was all alone. Of course a girl like Kelly she would be found on the dance floor grinding up against a blonde, leaving Anyelin alone.
She left Anyelin exposed to an unknown environment. 

The bartender was a woman with green hair and blonde streaks, her body being barely covered by a leather black dress. The woman's name was Panda, a strange name yes. Panda every few minutes would give the girl in the grey shirt looks of disgust. She didn't understand how a girl like her could be here.

Looking like that.

Anyelin didn't mind though. She was just here to keep Kelly from going home with anyone and to drag her drunken ass home. 

She didn't plan on talking to anyone,

looking at anyone,

dancing with anyone,

and of course- sleeping with anyone.

Even the thought of that made her shiver.


He was there too. Sitting at a booth with his two friends as they jugged down the beers that were filled to the brim of the cups. His friends watched looked around the club for his new pray, for the new dare he must accomplish.

"How about that one?" Gale, his green haired friend, nudged him

He followed his friends finger as it lead to a girl dancing in the crowd. She had a pink dress that fell to her knees and blonde hair swept past her shoulder.

"To easy." he simply shrugged, plopping a peanut into his mouth

"That one?" Brian points to a girl in black hair and tanned skin

"I think I fucked someone similar two days ago." the male smirked, taking a bundle of peanut shells, crushing him in one swift motion

"C'mon Justin! Don't you want to get laid tonight?" Gale smacked his back

Shrugging off his friends hand, he said "I feel like a challenge tonight." 

"That's easy." Brain smirked, rolling his eyes

"Look at girl at the bar over there." he continued, laughing at the direction his finger was pointing at 

Brown eyes following the direction, he landed his eyes upon on a girl with Nike high tops, simple grey shirt, and skinny jeans. Her hair was pulled back at a ponytail and she stirred the drink held in hand. Taking one swift smell, she gagged, a chuckle leaving the males mouth.

"Fuck no." he laughed along with Brian

"Hey bro, you wanted a challenge." Gale commented, taking a huge swing on his alcoholic beverage 

"Ya but not that girl who looks like a fucking virgin. She looks too uptight." he smirked, taking a shot from one of the waitresses that passed by

"Fine I'll look for someone else then." Brian stated

"Good." he replied, taking the shot and brining it to his lips, loving the burning sensation that filled his throat

He then took another, not knowing what the rest of the night had in store for him.

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