Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


3. Chapter 3
















Chapter 3












She worked at a diner from five in the afternoon to ten at night every weekday. Her brown held would be held back into bun with a pencil through it, a blue skirt that fell just below her knees as a white apron would cover most of it. The shirt was chosen by her but, must have been a solid color with no patterns or wording.


The pencil’s head at the end of the day would be worn down by the chew marks left, the lead would be dull from the amount of scribbling she did. Her feet would ache from the lack of breaks and walking home. Her arms would be sore from the amount she carried but, her voice remained unhorsed. Never did she speak one damn word at her job. Nothing besides:


“Hello, welcome to Sheila's Diner.”


“What can I serve you today?”


“What would you like to drink?”


“Would you like a side of tater tots for $1.99?”


She was quite, yes. Not many of her co-workers ever heard a peep from this girl. People called her Silent, a nickname the had given her years back since the day she started working there. Even though she didn’t like her job, it payed the bill and the groceries, and that’s all she could ask for. Sheila would say the same thing when the other waiters would ask why on earth she would hire the silent girl. “She does her job. She gets money. No go and finish your shift before I fire your ass.”


Let’s just say that Sheila was a ‘pleasant’ woman.


Coming home everyday to emptiness was what the girl arrived too. She was used to it though, something she had gotten over the years. She didn’t necessarily believe that she needed someone to be happy in live, she already was happy.




Rubbing the soles of her feet, she slipped off her work uniform and replacing it with her favourite navy one piece suit. Grabbing the dirty jean shorts that were close, she pulled them over her legs and took a purple tee with an old swim-team on the back. Ignoring the throbbing pain in her feet, she took her pool bag and left the apartment to one place in particular. The pool.


It was the one place where Anyelin didn’t feel alone.


It was that one place where she thought she had a friend,

the water.










This chapter is kinda short sorry but, I feel like that was a good stopping point.



Every chapter is going to be a part of the characters lives.



Next chapter should be longer.


Love you.



~Niall's Leprechaun



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