Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


2. Chapter 2









Chapter 2









He didn’t feel lonely.


Waking up every morning to nothing but coldness. He liked that and didn’t want anything else. Popping out a beer from the small fridge, he chugged it down in a matter of seconds before getting another one. The kitchen stove read a time he couldn’t muster from the major cracks running through the glass. Assuming it was near twelve, he picked up his leather jacket from the floor and walked through the front door.


The wailing of babies and pestering mothers filled the metro as he leaned against the metal pole. Staring out the window, he watched the people walk to their destinations. A ding indicated that the metro had stopped at his destination. Walking out of the machine with his clanking biker boots, he shoved everyone out of his way. A girl with dark brown hair stood in his way but, not for long. He just pushed her away, not even realizing that she fell to the ground.


“Bitch.” he murmured to himself as he walked away




The girl stumbled out of her bed, shutting off her alarm clock that was going off. Grabbing the fresh pair of light washed skinny jeans and hoodie, she walked into the bathroom where she put everything on. Brushing her teeth and combing out the tangles and knots in her hair, she pulled it into a messy ponytail before putting on her favorite pair of old Jordans. Untangling her headphones, she put them perfectly into her ear before playing Katy Perry through the small speakers. Pulling the hem of her hoodie below her hips, she took the one shoulder backpack and swung it over her head. Double checking she had last nights assignments, the girl walked through the front door and ran to the metro across the street.


Her eyes stayed closed as she sat on the gray seats of the moving train. Leaning her head against the window she hummed slightly to the tunes coming from the headphones. A woman sat next to her cradling a baby as it cried so loudly that even though the music Anyelin could still hear the noise. Soon, the metro came to a stop and she got off it, not wanting to be next to the wailing baby another minute longer.


Turning off the music, she tucked the wire away in her pockets as she enjoyed the atmosphere around her. A man around his mid-thirties played his acoustic guitar as he sung some of his own lyrics. Small smile forming on her lips, she walked over to the man and listened. Street music was the best to her, she loved it ever since she was little. Especially if the music was something they made themselves, it made the street music more unique.


The man sang his heart out as Anyelin listened. She listened until the song came to an end, digging through her pockets for a dollar, a figure bumped into her. Knocking to the ground, she hit her elbow, causing her to wail in pain. The figure was a man covered in tattoos hidden by a leather jacket. “Bitch.” she faintly heard him say before walking away


It was the man who sung before that helped her up. “Are you ok m’am?” he asked kindly


“Yes, thank you.” she smiled back greatly


“People these days.” the man scoffed


“Some just need to learn some manners.” Anyelin replied back before placing a dollar in his guitar case


Walking away, she listened to the man who started singing again. The throbbing pain her elbow wasn’t as bad anyone but the heaviness of her bag stayed. Walking with the old Jordan’s on her feet, she headed in the other direction of the man that bumped into her.

Not knowing that was the day of how they met.


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