Different people who never clash or collide, never friending each other in the real world. People who are nothing alike and nothing in common.

Things that don't attract and stay far away from one another.

Opposites are just like this.

So why do we say they attract?

They clearly shouldn't.


1. Chapter 1


It was April 17.





Grabbing her black plastic goggles, she placed them over her eyes before putting on the blue swim cap securely. The bobbing of the steady beat of water hitting cement could be heard as her small feet padded towards the starting block. Making sure her suit was on correctly, she placed her feet together before pointing her hands towards the ceiling. Head faced down to the blue chlorine water, she jumped.  



The coolness you get when you jump into ten feet deep water, wrapping your body as you sink deeper towards the bottom. That was the feeling that she loved, she loved the rush.



Moving further across the water, she started to move. Her arms finding that usual steady rhythm before her legs followed, causing her to go back to the surface, gasping for air even though she didn’t want it.



Butterfly, breaststroke, doggy paddle, backstroke, gliding, corkscrew.



Over and over again she went through the same swift movements. Continuing to have her body floating on blue water until her skin slowly started to turn into a raisin. Even then didn’t she want to get out.



Droplets of water loosely falling off her body, grabbing the green towel she wrapped around the top of her breasts, letting it fall to her knees. Plooping the usual mint gum into her mouth, she took off the cap, letting her hair fall just above her shoulders. The goggles came off her eyes, making sure to leave bright red rings to prove that they were there moments ago.



“Anyelin? Is that you?” a gruff voice spoke from behind



The familiar long gray beard and blue eyes came into view as a man in his mid-sixties walked over to the girl wrapped around in the green towel. A crooked smile was visable on his face as was the ketchup stain placed on his ‘1988 Demon Swimming Champions’ gray hoodie.



“Hey Mr.T.” the girl softly spoke, making sure to leave a warming smile on her face



“It’s good to see ya! You just finish swimming the usual?” he questioned before pulling her into a soft hug


“You know it.” a giggle left her mouth, her hand automatically covering her teeth as she did so



“You shouldn’t be here Anyelin! Girls like you should be out at a club or with friends! What do they call it now a days? Getting their groove on? I’m not quite sure but, I’m fairly certain that-” the old man continued to blabber on about his uncertainty about the new decade he was taking place in



“I know Mr.T but, I’m not like most girls.” Anyelin commented shly, her wet hair covering her face as she looked down at the water droplets falling from her feet



“I know that Angie, you’re different in your own way. But, seriously go! You shouldn’t be here! Not on a day like this!” the blue in his eyes lightened as he attempted to shoo away the girl who’s skin was wrinkled from swimming minutes ago



“I’m good Mr.T. I think I’ll just swim a few more laps and head back home.” she shrugged, not slightly interested in celebrating today



“Anyelin! Don’t do this to yourself! Go be social for once! You only get to be eighteen once you know!” the old man swung his arms around, trying to get the girls slightest attention



“It’s just another age that will soon pass Mr.T. Seriously, I’m good.” she sighed, removing the towel from her body



“Anyelin don’t you dare think about j-” the man continued to talk



But Anyelin couldn’t hear another word he said. The water was already surrounding her as she moved towards the bottom, sitting there with her eyes closed as she blocked out the world and it’s noises surrounding her.





His inked tattoo’s craned from his neck down to the wrists of the hands, placed firmly onto the hips of the light browned brunette with the leather red skirt. Her hair continued to hit the frame of his face as she continued to bob her head back and forth to the violent music blasting from the DJ’s speakers. A strong smell of vodka radiated from the female but he took notice, and or didn’t seem to care. She was too touchy as her hands ‘accidently’ continued to touch down in the...lower region.



“Sorryy.” she slurred, letting out a high pitched giggle when she ‘accidently’ did the same movement, again



He rolled his brown eyes in response, not giving a damn about what she did. He already knew what he was going to get out of this female, thats all he cared about.



“Let’s say we get out of here.” she spoke, attempting to be seductive, after the song ended and was switched to another



A small smirk formed on his red lips as he nodded, knowing what would happen in a matter of minutes. Taking her hand in his, she led him through the dimly lit club towards the exit.



Before exiting the club, his familiar friends came into view, the bright green haired one giving him a thumbs up as the black haired one gave him a wink, followed by a smirk. They knew his routine with ladies and approved.


Walking out into the slight chilly spring, he offered no jacket to the female and kept his leather jacket on himself. He clearly could see the goosebumps forming on her skin but, he didn’t care. He only cared for himself.



That’s how it always was.


That night, he did the usual. He finished up with the clingy, yet slutty brunette before he left her apartment and back into the chilly night. Continuing to walk until he got to his own home, he slipped off his combat boots before collapsing onto his own bed.


There he fell into a slumbering sleep, just like he did every night for the past five years,








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