Him (Liam payne)

Rebecca realized a new boy is coming to her school. Nobody ever does so her and her friends are shocked. This boy is different to her. He cares. He cares about the life around him. She becomes closer to him each day wanting to know his deepest secrets and wishes. Will they grow together or fall apart?


7. Us

"Rebecca? Is that you?" I heard a loud whisper. Julia. I couldn't see her but she was coming from her padded footsteps getting louder every step. I quickly but awkwardly untangled myself from Liam and climbed the stairs on the side of the pool. Why did Julia have to come now? Did I even want her to ruin "our moment". I sighed getting lost in my thoughts. I smiled as I saw here figure come out. 

"Woah, what happened to you?" She said giggling. I glared at her from her laughter as she covered her mouth shrugging. 

"He.." I pointed at Liam. "Threw me in!" I continued. She nodded trying to hold in a laughter. I turned around to see Liam dripping water from the pool. His emotion was confuse, but as he saw me looking he quickly wiped that off his face and turned into a smile. Was it because of our almost kiss thingy in the pool? Who am I kidding, we we're know where near kissing. I turned back around to see Julia disappeared, probably back to her lover boy, Zayn. 

"Um, you could borrow some of my clothes if you wanted too?" He asked looking down without any eye contact. I nodded trying to pull my shirt from my body, but it kept sticking to it uncomfortably. He went in first leading me upstairs again and to his room. We reached the stairs but before I could put my foot on the step I felt his hands lift me up bridal style. He carried me upstairs like I weighed nothing. 

"You didn't have to do that" I said blushing a bit as he put me down. 

"Why not?" He asked. I shrugged not knowing what to reply. He started going through his draws and picking out various shirts and pants for him and I to change into. 

"You can pick these from these two." He said laying them out on his bed. There was a black shirt that had the batman symbol on it with plaid pajama pants that was with it. Right next to it was a white t-shirt with black basketball shorts with it. I decide to go with the batman because it was better looking. 

"I'll change here and you can change in the bathroom right there." He pointed behind me. I nodded again. I didn't know he had a bathroom I thought that was a closet. I opened the door to find a rather large bathroom with guy products everywhere but it was alright. I changed quickly and dried my hair with a towel. The clothes were obviously a bit big and I had to keep pulling my pants up, but it was fine other than that. I tied up more hair in a pony tail after I thought it was slightly drier. I hung my clothes onto the rack to dry for now and knocked on the bathroom door to see if he was ready. He yelled ok and so I entered. He was now wearing  just some shorts and his upper body was exposed. I almost fell as I opened the door and looked down. 

"You ok?" He chuckled lowly. 

"Ya I'm good" I said turning a crimson red. I finally had my ground and looked up again. His body was tanned and toned. He had tattoos on his arms and he looked sexy. My thoughts were interrupted as he slid another shirt on and turned around again. We smiled at each other and decided to meet everybody else downstairs and maybe watch another movie


julia, me, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis were all spread out on the couches watching our third movie of the night. My head was on Liam's chest and my feet were on Harry's lap. Julia and Zayn were full out cuddling and they looked so cute that I took a picture and posted it on Instagram saying : "Look at these two love birds ;)". I laughed at myself for the caption and drowned into the movie again. I forget what it's called but it's good. It's something about New Year's Eve. I was drifting off every minute or so closing my eyes. Finally I gave up closing them completely letting myself fall into a a deep slumber 



** sorry for boring chapter have finals and projects crammed in. I promise next time something juicy will happen ;)** 

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