Him (Liam payne)

Rebecca realized a new boy is coming to her school. Nobody ever does so her and her friends are shocked. This boy is different to her. He cares. He cares about the life around him. She becomes closer to him each day wanting to know his deepest secrets and wishes. Will they grow together or fall apart?


3. Greetings

An annoying buzzing sound rung my ears. I opened my eyes as the brightness made me close again. I stretched my hand out to shut my alarm off and finally it stopped.  I sat up and rubbed my eyes, now adjusted more to the sunlight through my windows. I slowly walked to my bathroom connected to my room and started brushing my teeth and doing my hair.  I left my loose curls down and clipped a piece of my hair back with a bobby pin. I grabbed my mascara and applied a light coat to make my brown eyes pop a little more. Then I took some clear lip gloss and applied that. I don't wear foundation but sometimes blush for special occasions. I never was a fan of that kind of makeup. I went back out to my room and found some light blue skinny jeans that were slightly ripped on both legs. I then pulled on a navy blue button down top. I then found my beige moccasins and put those on. I grabbed my phone and backpack also my white jean jacket. I made my way downstairs and quickly whipped up a smoothie. I put Greek yogurt, ice, strawberries, and banana. Basically it was a strawberry and banana smoothie. Pic think they are the best for breakfast or lunch! It makes you wait till your next meal to eat. Plus they taste delicious. I finished up my smoothie and put my cup into the sink for me to clean later. I leaned against my wall and went on my phone. I saw that I got a text from Liam just a couple minutes ago. 

L: Will be there in 15 :) -Liam . It was 7:15 already???!?? That was fast. I quickly gathered my books together in my bag and quickly went back upstairs to spray just a little perfume. I fixed my outfit a little better and made sure I look good for the day. I slipped my jacket over my shoulders and put my backpack on too. I had my phone in my hands  and heard the doorbell ring. I walked quickly to the door to see Liam smiling widely. He has black fitted jeans with a white shirt with navy blue sleeves. He ran his fingers through his hair making it look even better. I smiled at him too as he was right on time . 

"Ready?" He asked stepping aside  for me to go. I nodded closing the door and stepping outside. The breeze made my hair whip around a bit. I made sure he doors were locked andI stepped   down the few steps quickly and slid into Liam's car. He slid in right next to me and we headed to school from there. 




"Liam" Jules said wiggling her eyebrows. I playfully slapped her and we both laughed. 

"What about him?" I said.

"He's hot and he hangs around you and gave you his number and he flipping gives you rides to school. How cute is that?? Very cute." She said. "all the girls girls in the school talk about him p. it's pretty crazy" she continued. 

"I see you talk about him too" I said closing my locker with a smirk playing at my lips. 

"That's not the point" she said while Her cheeks flushed with pink. We heard the bell ring and made our way to science.  We slipped in right before the second bell and I saw Liam there with Niall and three other guys. One had curly hair springing everywhere, but he had dodging green eyes. Another one had a black quiff that was almost perfect. And the last one had sky blue eyes and his hair swept across his forehead. They all had some amount of tattoos that made them look intriguing, but mixed with a soft spot behind their shells. I was about to find a sit when Jules pulled me roughly. 

"Oh my God!!!!!!!!! The one with the black quiff is gorgeous!" She whispered in My ear.

"Could you have pulled me any harder?!" I joked. 

"Sorry" she chuckled afterwards. The teacher came in and we all took our seats and I ended up next to Liam and Julia ended up next to the black quiff boy. 



I met up with Julia and Olivia for lunch. We all sat down at the same boring pastel green tables. I pulled out a yogurt and a snapple and started eating same as Jules and Olivia. Then something un expecting happened. All five boys came over and sat next to us. Liam Niall, and the three unarmed ones. 

"Hey I'm Niall" Niall said to mainly Julia and Olivia. "Hi I'm Louis" the boy with the sky blue eyes said to us. "Hey I'm Zayn" the one that Jules like said. "Hello I'm Harry" the one with the curly hair said.  And they all have English accents- but Niall. Liam and Harry  and Niall were on my side of the table, while Julia, Zayn, Olivia, and Louis sat on the other.  We started chitchatting amongst   ourselves, but other girls started coming over and talking to the boys, just the boys. One girl started pushing me to sit next to Liam. She had pin straight blonde hair and a very revealing top, never mind her skirt.   Her makeup was cake don her face for gods sake! "Excuse me, but I believe someone is sitting here." Liam said as he turned just in time.  The girl gave us a "b*tch please" look and walked away embarrassed by that little encounter.  I smiled at Liam as he draped his arm around me. 

"Sorry for that" he whispered in my ear as his hot breath made me go weak to the knees. I blushed and looked down to my lap. I looked up getting a grip on myself and most of the girls were now around Harry. And Harry seemed to be loving life. Soon the lunch bell rang and Liam's arm unwrapped around me and we went to gym together with Olivia, Harry, and Louis, who had the same class. Harry baffled about how many numbers he got in lunch period. I laughed quietly at him to see how proud he was. 

"Mate, you know they probably just want you for wants down your pants not you as in you." Louis said patting his back. 

"Does it matter? GIRLS DIG ME!" He shouted as we all laughed together. 

"Oh Harry" I rolled my eyes making sure I had my gym bag with me. 

"I know you dig me too Becca, admit it" he winked. I felt Liam tense up a bit. Maybe I'm just seeing things. 

"In your dreams Styles" I padded his shoulder. He shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets. Liam seemed to be calm again and saw me starring and I quickly looked away. At the corner of my eyes I saw him chuckle under his breath and sigh. I turned a peachy pink again, embarrassed by myself. I cooled it off as we went off in separate ways and into the locker rooms. Olivia and I changed quickly and talked about how attractive those boys are. But Liam always caught my eye even though I've known him for now two days. 



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