Him (Liam payne)

Rebecca realized a new boy is coming to her school. Nobody ever does so her and her friends are shocked. This boy is different to her. He cares. He cares about the life around him. She becomes closer to him each day wanting to know his deepest secrets and wishes. Will they grow together or fall apart?


6. Game

The heavy footsteps scrambled around upstairs in different direction. I didn't here the nerf gun sound go off at any time so I'm guessing nobody got found yet. I was under Liam's bed, arguing with myself if I should go out and hide in a different place. I decided on sneaking out of here for now. I slithered my way out under his bed and slowly crawled on the rough carpet. I heard whispers from the other end of the hall but I couldn't make it out. I'm pretty sure I couldn't hear anyone coming. I was thinking of runn- "GOT YA!". My body froze in place at the sound of his voice. Then I heard thumping sounds crossing the hall and coming in my direction. Somebody was running and it had to be Niall from his loud booming accent that scared my living soul. I was right when I saw him for a second as he passed the door. More nerf gun shots were heard and I needed to get out of here. I was on my knees now making sure I could run at the right time. But I heard, what sounded like Louis, shouting down the hall at Niall saying that he will pay for this. I hid behind the wall as I heard his footsteps come next. Luckily I didn't go, but now I really needed to. I made a run for it and before I barely stepped out of the room I collided with someone and dropped to the floor with a thud. I opened my eyes slowly to see Liam sprawled on top of me with his arms on either side supporting his weight. He was smirking widely as I still looked surprised. Our faces were inches apart literally that I felt his breath around my nose each time. I totally forgot about my nerf in my hand. I acted fast shooting him square in the forehead as his hands reached for the spot it hit, he groaned and now I was the one that was smirking. He rolled over as this was my chance to escape. I was up running toward the stairs. Harry was right there but I decided to shoot him down. It worked and I was already, now, downstairs. I was thinking of a place to hide, quick. I turned a sharp corner and came in contact with another person. It wasn't that powerful of a hit but it still made impact. I saw Julia standing in front of me with her nerf gun and Zayn right behind her. I gave her a wink at the fact that her and Zayn have been together since we got here. She turned a bright red but shook it off quickly as we heard footsteps coming down the steps fast. Zayn grabbed Julia and I by the arm and pulled us into a huge closet. 

" where's Niall?" I asked.

"I don't know we haven't seen him. He may stills be upstairs or somewhere down here." Zayn told me. I couldn't see anything or nodd to him. "Oh" was really all I could say. The rapid footsteps that we heard faded out. We slowly got out of the large closet and split up again. But by splitting up I meant me alone and Julia and Zayn together. I didn't really here anyone coming so I decided to chill out in the kitchen again and get more food. I searched through their cupboards once more and landed on some chips. Why didn't I see this before??? I grabbed a bag of some Lays and propped myself on the counter. I sat down with my weapon toy thing at my side eating some chips. If anyone comes my gun is loaded and I'll shoot them. 

"Look who we have here" Liam said behind me. I jumped almost ten feet in the air. I turned to look at him and he was walking to me. I was ready to pick up my weapon and shoot him and runaway but I decided against that. He stood In front of me as I crunched on my chips. I offered him some and he stuck his hand in and took a couple out. 

"So You know I have to get you back from that little incident we had up there." He said chuckling a bit at the end. 

"Why do you have to?" I whined.

"do you not remember you shooting me with that nerf gun?" He said pointing to the gun beside me.  I shook my head no, when I really did remember. He shrugged his shoulders beside him. Without me knowing he grabbed my sides and started tickling me. I couldn't control my laughter or even speak for that matter. His long arms through me over his shoulder and he stopped the tickling. I slapped him multiple times on the back, but he didn't budge. I gave up sighing and let him take me wherever. I heard a screen door open and I nearly screamed inside. "Liam, no please." I begged him not to throw me in the pool. He kept saying no. I literally held onto dear life on him. 

"Becca if you want I'll go in with u but I'm still throwing u in first." He said. Ioosened my grip a bit and pulled myself down so that my legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands were around my thighs supporting me. 

"I don't want to get soaked at 2 in the morning!" I said. But it was to late he put me in bridal position and through me in. The cooling water woke me up a little more as I came up for breath. Liam jumped in right after. His t shirt was now soaked and probably skin tight to him like my clothes are right now. He swam over to me and wrapped his arms around me and embraced me. 

"Wasn't this fun?" He said in between the hug. 

"No now my clothes are squeezing me uncomfortably." I said letting go of him. 

"Well maybe that was the whole idea" he winked . I shoved him back not trying to laugh. That didn't work as we both busted out laughing. I came back to him and wrapped myself around him again. I honestly didn't know what I was doing. We were looking in each other's eyes for a good while before he put his hand up to my cheek. He rubbed his thumb back and forth and leaned in closer. Was he going to kiss me? Do I want him to kiss me? Who am I kidding I want him to kiss me. We're no farther than a centimeter apArt his lips brushed mine for just a second. He is driving me insane. 




****Liam though ;-)******

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