Cant decide

Amber ends up being "besties" with Justin, but Selena steps in and starts assuming things. Justin breaks up with Selena randomly Amber nor Selena know why. When Justin doesn't tell, Selena ends up getting strong feelings for Amber. Amber tries to disappear away from them and the drama,but....


1. getting the surprise


"I like this one" I screamed. I heard my dad walk up behind me. So I turn around and hold the dress up to myself and twirl around all pretty like. I laughed for a minute and then stopped and started to admire the dress.

It is a red and black dress. It goes down to my knees. The bottom half is black and as you look up it fades into a red. On the sleeves is strings that hang under your arm, the strings are orange and white. The colors swirled around each other like they are dancing or hugging. The bottom has orange strings and on the end of every string is a red diamond. The diamonds are beautiful.

"So what do you think??" I said.

"I don't know but, if u.." I cut him off saying "yes!!" I smiled. I started to walk to the cashier but my dad called my name so I turned around he stood there looking at some purple dresses so I walked over there. "what" I said. "u might want a purple dress" he said while pulling some off the rack. "why? I like this one a lot though" I said as I walked away. "For your surprise" he started to walk towards the dressing room. "what surprise?" I said as I took the dresses out of his hands. "A surprise!" he said. I said "okay but I still want this red and black one though".

We got the dress I wanted. We are now on out way home. Ding!! It was my phone:

Justin bieber " #believemoviepremieresunday"

I looked at my dad and told him what Justin had just tweeted. He just smiled back. "Can I go to the movie priemere this sunday?" He replied "No!". I didn't expect him to say yes because the tickets are hella expensive.

So, we are home now. I walked inside. looked around looking for my cats. "Shadow, Remellow, silver, little G" I said.I didn't see them so I just plopped on the couch. My dad came inside and was holding some mail. "So what do we have?" I asked. he threw something at me. I ripped the envelope open to see a ticket. "Ahhh!!" I screamed. "Omg is this the surprise dad?" I asked. "Yes and I love you" he replied.

The tickets read:

bp (believe premiere) vip back stage and omg front row of the movie!!!


Okay so mabey not those exact words but in my mind that was how it was read. So, I rolled up in a ball and cuddled the ticket.




Sorry short chapter I was tired most of my chapters will be long and more interesting. This is my first book so ya. I sware it will get better!!

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