This isn't a fanfic, so if thats what you're looking for I'm sorry. This is a story about Rae, a 15 year old girl who just wants to be normal and to find out who she really is. Her best friend Sam helps her, even though he thinks she might be going crazy. Adventure is definately going to happen, but will there also be romance?



   Wasn't there some kinda stress disorder people got when they were over loaded with traumatic information? There probably was, but Ryder didn't seem to understand that. He walked along the rocky snow covered trail, randomly humming a Beatles song. He didn't even seem to notice Rae, that she had stopped and was now staring at him like he had just turned into a flying purple puppy. He just walked on, trusting she would catch up eventually.

   She didn't recover from her shock, but she started walking again because after he got 10 or 15 feet away, the blizzard would start raging again. Knowing that she would only sound ignorant, she decided not to speak. A pheonix. Hmmmm, how does one turn on magical fire powers? A dried leaf danced around her face and stuckin her hair, and she presently plucked it out. She stared at it, concentrating, using the force, trying to think of anything to make it burst into flames. It would've made more progress with a magnifying glass on a cloudy day.

   A cave loomed over them, when she looked up she couldn't see the ceiling. As they walked, it got darker and darker, until Rae could'nt see her feet, and put her arms out in front of herself to avoid looking like an idiot and running into a wall. She stumbled along, hopefully in the same direction Ryder was going. Just as soon as she decided she would be lost forever, the room almost imperceptably started to lighten.

   The tunnel opened out into a wide cavern, extending up about 150 feet, to where the crescent moon could be seen. This had to be the central chamber. Walking forward, Rae saw a warm glow. Ryder stood, arms outstretched, looking up to the moon on the edge of a precipice. His face looked strong and fierce with the pale light above and the orange light below. She could feel the heat as she walked closer to the edge. 

   AS YOU ARE INTI, THE SUN GOD, I AM MEZTLI, THE MOON GOD. DAY AND NIGHT. WE ARE WHAT RULES THIS WORLD, WITHOUT US THEY WOULD BE NOTHING. he turned to her. ARE YOU READY TO WAKE UP THE OLD GODS? There was nothing scary about the question itself, but the way it slid from his mouth sounded dangerous, mysterious, sinful.

   Waiting for no answer, he pulled a sacrificial bone knife from a sheath at his waist. With a wicked gleam to his eye, he slowly sliced the fleshy part of his plam, his eyes locked on Rae's. A platform of snow raised him off the ground, and an ice basin rose at his feet. His blood trickled into the bowl, staining the pure white. The moon seemed to grow brighter, and the room became cold.

   A platform similar to Ryder's rose underneath her, bringing them eye to eye, and a basin of liquid fire appeared. He calmly swaggered over, blood still dripping off his hand like he didn't notice it. He gave her the knife with a confident smirk. 

   She had nothing against the old gods, she wasn't scared of getting hurt, but she couldn't bring herself to do what he expected of her. He gazed at her with those unsettling eyes, waiting for what he thought was inevitable. He thought she had no choice, no say in the matter, and that was what pissed her off. She clenched her teeth and hurled the knife over the cliff into the waiting magma below. 

   The resulting look of shock on his face gave her great pleasure. It then turned into a rage that made her blood run cold. Without saying a word, he grabbed her roughly by the arm and dragged her towards the edge. Rae had always considered herself strong, but she wasn't a match for her brother. Changhing his hold to her hair, he leaned her over the precipice, so she could see the lava beneath her. He leaned close one last time to whisper,

"I don't need you alive, i just need your blood. We'll get plenty this way"

And then she was falling.


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