This isn't a fanfic, so if thats what you're looking for I'm sorry. This is a story about Rae, a 15 year old girl who just wants to be normal and to find out who she really is. Her best friend Sam helps her, even though he thinks she might be going crazy. Adventure is definately going to happen, but will there also be romance?



That night, they met the shady man at the waterfront. He walked in front of the truck to an abandoned warehouse. Opening the doors, Rae saw several human shaped shadows flee. She shivered.

    Opening a door that just looked like another tin wall, the man waved them into the tunnel. The air smelled damp and like some kind of not-so-legal substance. The underground road led downwards, into an inky blackness. Sam payed the man and turned on his headlights. They inched downwards, the brakes occasionally squeaking.

    After 15 minutes of eternity, they emerged into a wildlife park in Mexico. Rae was suddenly thankful for their 4 wheel drive hillbilly-mobile. Sam got them back onto a road, and they were off on their second half of the trip. They took turns driving till dawn, when Sam pulled over into the woods, and they both crashed.

    They were rudely awakened hours later by a man trying to break in. When he saw it was occupied, he ran into the brush.

    The pressure in her head built again. “A PLACE BURNING HOT YET FREEZING COLD” The voice was back, reminding her. Sadly, now instead of talking, the voice was yelling in her head. She didn’t know thoughts could be yelled, but they obviously could be. When would he get out of her head? And Rae was sure it was male, and not her own. They had a destination. She didn’t know what would happen when she got there, but the place was pulling her like a magnet.

    Looking curiously at her, Sam guessed their next move. “We’re going there aren’t we?” he said, nodding towards the pamphlet on the dashboard. She smiled.

   “Well, we can’t. I looked it up, and it’s unclimbable due to volcanic activity.” Like that would stop them. Picking up the pamphlet she found that Colima actually means "conquered by the old gods". Weird, why would mythical gods have anything to do with what was going on with her?

    Several hours closer to the town of Colima, Rae tried to have a conversation with the other person in her head. ‘Why are you here?’ nothing. ‘Am I imagining this?’ no reply. ‘Who are you?’ to her surprise a response came immediately. It startled her so much that she jumped.

    AN OLD FRIEND the voice slid into her subconscious I’VE KNOWN YOU SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. Now that she had gotten a reply, she wished she had stayed quiet. There was a slimy aspect to the bodiless voice, even though she couldn’t actually hear it. ‘Why are you in my head?’ she tried again. TO GET ANSWERS, YOU MUST ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

    The pressure in her head eased, and she knew the voice was gone..  


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