This isn't a fanfic, so if thats what you're looking for I'm sorry. This is a story about Rae, a 15 year old girl who just wants to be normal and to find out who she really is. Her best friend Sam helps her, even though he thinks she might be going crazy. Adventure is definately going to happen, but will there also be romance?



Sam snores when he’s asleep. A lot. It used to annoy Rae, but now it was the perfect cover for her sneaking out. As she left the room, she closed the door, being careful to be completely silent. Sneaking across the alleys and yard between her and the gate was nerve wracking, every minute expecting to be discovered. Not like it mattered if she was. She wasn’t breaking the law. Yet.

    Approaching the gate, she slowed and hid behind a convenient bush. Hands suddenly caught her around the mouth and the waist. She did the only logical thing she could think of, headbutted her attacker right in the nose. All she could think after that was that it worked much better in the movies. She had a splitting headache, and the monotonous voice in her head wasn’t helping things.She heard a groan behind her and then a chuckle.

   “Guess I deserved that” came a nasally sounding Sam. She turned in surprise. There he was, holding his bloody nose and tilting his head backwards. It was comical really, she would've laughed if she wasn't so pissed.

   “Yes, you did deserve that. I wouldn't have been so gentle if I'd known it was you.”

He laughed again, “You were the one sneaking out and trying to leave me behind again.”

    She huffed and turned her attention back to the gate. The lone night watchman was asleep in his little kiosk. They could just walk in. She felt stupid for overdoing it with the stealth now. She stood up straight and walked boldly to the doors. Holding her breath, she looked at the lock securing the gate. It seemed off for some reason so she pushed gently and the large door swung in. Amazing, they could build the entire gate out of bronze but couldn't afford a proper lock or guards.

    She slipped inside. Seeing a golf cart most likely meant for security, she started it up and waited for the inevitable oaf that she called her best friend. He swung into the other side, grinning, knowing she wasn't going to even try to dissuade him from going with. They drove up the path on the rocky cliff side. At one point, the incessant voice in her head grew so loud, Rae made Sam drive the rest of the way. She was crowded more and more out of her own head by the minute, but she knew the only thing that would make it stop was at the top of the volcano.

Soon they started getting to the roadblocks, warning of the volcanic activity. The air got cold, and in her catatonic state, Rae barely noticed Sam putting his jacket on her. He had to stop the cart every few minutes to clear away the signs. They were almost to the top when she started lapsing in and out of consciousness. And then everything stopped. The lack of the voice in her head brought reality back to her. She was colder than she had ever been. Snow was gently falling, and catching in her eyelashes like tiny butterflies finding a perch to rest upon. She looked around her. She was alone.

Sam and their golf cart were several feet away. He was mouthing something she couldn’t hear. Had she gone deaf? “Sam?” her voice was just a whisper, but it convinced her that her ears were not the problem. Her best friend was pretty much having a meltdown over there. Sighing, she got up and walked over to him. The pain from the voice hit her again in waves. She fell on the ground, no longer able to sustain her footing.

Sam gathered her up in his arms. “Are you okay? Are you okay? Oh my God I’m so sorry, I don't know what I hit.” She crawled backwards a few feet and the pain subsided. It was still there, but it was manageable. trying to crawl forward, Sam found he physically couldn’t go any further. “What’s going on?” he asked, a little muffled. She shrugged but was spared having to answer because the voice from her head did it for her. Except he wasn’t in her head anymore.


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